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Sunny Hill School

The Sunny Hill School is a co-ed, private educational institution in Capitol Hills, Old Balara, Quezon City, Philippines that offers courses in Pre-School,Grade School(primary to intermediary grades),and High School. It celebrated its Silver Anniversary last Sept. 11, 2006.


Sunny Hill School was founded in 1981 in the Loyola Heights area. In order to serve the community's needs, a pre-school was established so that children could prepare for entrance into Ateneo de Manila, Maryknoll and other big private schools.

Pretty soon, the parents of students enrolled in the school wanted Sunny Hill to offer its own Grade School and High School. As many saw the value of the personalized co-educational system Sunny Hill offered,Sunny Hill responded to this call and opened its main campus at the sprawling site in Capitol Hills, Old Balara.

It wasn't long before Sunny Hill Grade School Graduates succeeded in entering the Ateneo de Manila High School and the Philippine Science High School. Today, its High School graduates perform well in the Ateneo de Manila University,the University of the Philippines,the University of Santo Tomas,the De La Salle University,Miriam College,the University of Asia & The Pacific,and other top universities. Even its graduates who study abroad are well-prepared to hurdle the rigors of the best schools in the U.S. and Australia.

With its focus on individualized instruction, each child is given the opportunity to shine in his/her academics and extra-curricular activities.

School's Vision

We envision our students to be competent in mind, heart and body.

School's Mission

To prepare students to be intellectually developed, spiritually enlightened, emotionally matured, socially aware and morally upright to enable them to make value judgments and informed choices, in order to become adults who lead lives of personal integrity.


Science Laboratory
Speech Laboratory
The Audio-Visual Room
The Auditorium
The Gymnasium
The Volleyball Court
Canteen and Snack Bars
Spiritual Formation House in Tagaytay

  • The school promises to keep students safe with guards at all three gates,and daily pre-entry bag inspections.


Based on Ralph Tyler (1962) Curriculum Development Model, the scope and sequence is both Learner and Society Oriented. Sunny Hill School recognizes the Nature of the Learner, Nature of Society and Nature of Knowledge, thus, in selecting, organizing and sequencing of the activities and learning experiences, the school uses the spiral curriculum design or the Vertical and Horizontal Designs. Vertical organization refers to the longitudinal arrangement of content as reflected in the presence of sequence, continuity and integration or across grade/year levels. While horizontal organization refers to the arrangement of content, skills and processess from the viewpoints of scope and horizontal integration. In Sunny Hill School, we use both the Scope and Sequence. The Four Elements of the Curriculum are :

  • Educational Purposes (Love of country, duties of citizenship dev. of moral charc/spirituality, personal discipline, scientific/technological and vocational efficiency, competence
  • Curricular Content (body of knowledge, understanding, skills, competencies, values, attitudes, and processes, analyses and critical thinking skills, learning how to learn through scientific processes)
  • Learning Experiences (lecture and verbal presentation, discussions, questioning, drill and practices, review, learning teams, problem solving, role playing, fieldtrips)
  • Evaluation Scheme to assess the educational purposes. (quizzes, long tests, mid-term examinations, trimestral examinations, projects)

An advocate of the Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence (that every person can be a genius, based on their 9 Multiple Intelligences) teachers are therefore enjoined to help each child to discover his/her intelligences and help develop the child to his/her fullest potential as a human being and a social being. Through varied learning experiences, great emphasis is given in the development of the child's multiple intelligences as well as the emotional quotient.

Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities

The school has many activities to hone a pupil's multiple intelligences.Presented here are the ones approved by both the students and the Department of Education:

  • Nutrition Month
  • Buwan ng Kultura at Kasaysayan(featuring a Sabayang Pagbigkas presentation of all the sections in all the levels.)
  • Sportsfest and Foundation Week
  • Christmas Pageant(featuring a presentation of Christmas carols by the lower levels and the blind)
  • Literary Week(featuring a Choral Recitation presentation and competition of all the sections in all the levels)

Criteria for Admission

I. As a general rule, an applicant must have a general average grade of 82% and above in Grade School and 83% and above in High School.
II.Must pass the school's admission test
III. Submission of requirements (school records, documents etc.)
IV. Passing of interviews by school officials.

  • Criteria for Disqualification of Admission:

I. Grade of C or D in conduct
II. Subjected to serious disciplinary action from a previous school

The School Organ

The school's official publication is The Sunriser.

Notable People from Sunny Hill School

JC Tiuseco-college basketball player,model
Matet de Leon-actress
Kim delos Santos-actress
Sunshine Dizon-actress
L.A. Lopez - singer and child actor
Martin Jickain - showbiz personality
Leslie Rodriguez - model


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