S.T.D. (Jonas Brothers Parody)

S.T.D. (Jonas Brothers Parody) is a viral video made popular by the youtube channel zackandzachvids.

The video is a voiceover parody of the Jonas Brothers song S.O.S.. The song plays over the original S.O.S. video on youtube.

It is currently registered as one of the best kept Youtube secrets of July by bloggers across the net. A best kept secret because it has been viewed less than 2,000 times in 6 weeks.

Jonas Brothers Fan Reaction

Fans of the Jonas Brothers have reacted positively well to the farce. It has become an inside joke to many Jonas Brothers fanatics.

Although the video has not been viewed by many, the ones that have viewed it have mostly given positive reviews.


zackandzachvids has stated that they are writing a sequel to the cult parody and it will be released sometime in fall 2008.

Sources have stated that it will parody the Jonas Brothers song Play My Music, from the hit Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock, but these rumors have not been confirmed.

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