s. aoki


SILICOM is an album released in January 2001 by Aoki Takamasa.


  1. std.
  2. jung 25
  3. sin.
  4. ham.
  5. exp.2
  6. exp.
  7. nuron
  8. gar.
  9. kes.
  10. vos.
  11. rec.


Kyoto, Japan's Aoki Takamasa carves a straight line through glitch culture's cold tempos and often hostile personalities. Named after Masakazu Tagaki and Takamasa's touring multimedia project, Silicom plays down the severity of intelligent electronic music to give everything a pleasant linear drive. "Sin" could very well be Boards of Canada with jerking peculiarities, while "Vos" avoids the sonic snobbery of compatriots like Nobukazu Takemura with lucid production bullet-points and an (effectively) unexcited pop edge lurking beneath the traditional hi-tech machine sounds and voice modulation. Underground techno experiments with rediscovered logic; Plaid's P-Brane EP would later pick up where Silicom's minimized stadium breakbeats left off.

Dean Carlson, All Music Guide



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