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2003 term United States Supreme Court opinions of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The table below lists all opinions filed by Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg during the 2003 term of the Supreme Court of the United States, which lasted from October 6, 2003 until October 3, 2004. This was the eleventh term of Ginsburg’s tenure on the Court.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg 2003 term statistics
Majority or Plurality
Concurrence/dissent Total = 16
Bench opinions = 16 Opinions relating to orders = 0 In-chambers opinions = 0
Unanimous decisions: 2 Most joined by: Breyer (14) Least joined by: Scalia, Thomas (4)
Case Issue Joined by

Kontrick v. Ryan
540 U.S. 443 (2004)

Alaska Dep't of Envtl. Conservation v. EPA
540 U.S. 461 (2004)
Stevens, O'Connor, Souter, Breyer

Doe v. Chao
540 U.S. 614 (2004)
Privacy Act of 1974 Stevens, Breyer
Ginsburg filed one of two dissents.

Banks v. Dretke
540 U.S. 668 (2004)
Rehnquist, Stevens, O'Connor, Kennedy, Souter, Breyer; Scalia, Thomas (in part)

Raymond B. Yates, M.D., P.C. Profit Sharing Plan v. Hendon
541 U.S. 1 (2004)
Rehnquist, Stevens, O'Connor, Kennedy, Souter, Breyer

Iowa v. Tovar
541 U.S. 77 (2004)

Scarborough v. Principi
541 U.S. 401 (2004)
Rehnquist, Stevens, O'Connor, Kennedy, Souter, Breyer
Thomas filed a dissent.

Tennessee v. Lane
541 U.S. 509 (2004)
Americans with Disabilities Act; Eleventh Amendment Breyer, Souter

Grupo Dataflux v. Atlas Global Group, L.P.
541 U.S. 567 (2004)
Stevens, Souter, Breyer

Hibbs v. Winn
542 U.S. 88 (2004)
Stevens, O'Connor, Souter, Breyer
Kennedy filed a dissent.

Pennsylvania State Police v. Suders
542 U.S. 129 (2004)
Rehnquist, Stevens, O'Connor, Scalia, Kennedy, Souter, Breyer
Thomas filed a dissent.

Aetna Health Inc. v. Davila
542 U.S. 200 (2004)

Pliler v. Ford
542 U.S. 225 (2004)
Ginsburg filed one of two dissents.

Intel Corp. v. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
542 U.S. 241 (2004)
U.S. enforcement of discovery requests for foreign litigation Rehnquist, Stevens, Kennedy, Souter, Thomas
Breyer filed a dissent.

Cheney v. United States District Court
542 U.S. 367 (2004)

Sosa v. Alvarez-Machain
542 U.S. 642 (2004)

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