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Jaime Robbie Reyne

Jaime Robbie Reyne (born May 11, 1985) is an Australian singer/songwriter and lead singer and guitarist of critically acclaimed Australian music group Jaime Robbie Reyne & The Paradise Three. He has said that he is influenced by such folk, blues, country and rock musicians as The Band, Gram Parsons, Ry Cooder, Gillian Welch, Townes Van Zandt, Nirvana amongst many others. As the leader of the band, Jaime Robbie Reyne & The Paradise Three he plays Fender guitars, primarily a Fender Telecaster Deluxe, and sometimes he uses a Gibson SG. Other times he plays Cole Clark and Martin & Co. Acoustic guitars.


Early years

Reyne was educated in Melbourne, Australia, and lived there as a child. Before starting JRR & The P3, Reyne was a Solo singer/songwriter.

Born out of a deeply embedded musical lineage, Jaime had been writing music long before he and his band of fellow musicians came into view. At the age of 18 Jaime Robbie packed his bags and headed to the UK to develop his music. For the following twelve months he played various gigs around London but spent most of his time pursuing his writing.

Returning to Australia late in 2005, he set about playing his wares determined to get his point across on stage back home in Australia. In solo guise he began playing shows in both Melbourne and Sydney - guitar, with harmonica.

Citing influences from Gram Parsons to Morrissey, Bob Dylan to Nirvana, Muddy Waters to The Band Reyne's music is steeped in country roots, deeply lathered in rich soulful blues but solidly centered in rock n' roll. His songwriting is honest and moving, drawing from both those who have had a lasting impression on him musically and an amalgamation of life experience. He sings of sorrow and heartache, anger and anticipation, but rustles up a mood that is full of gusto.

Personal life


Jaime Robbie is the son of Popular Australian Singer/Songwriter and Australian Crawl Lead Singer, James Reyne and English-born model/stylist Kim Ellmer.
Jaime is also the nephew of 80's musician, television presenter and actor David Reyne.

Artistic roots

On Reyne's myspace influences are listed as: The Band, Gram Parsons, Ry Cooder, Gillian Welch, Morrissey, Guy Clark, Talking Heads, Nirvana, Neil Young, The International Submarine Band, George Jones, The Smiths, Bob Dylan, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, John Prine, Hank Williams I, II & III, The Police, Leonard Cohen, The Clash, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Lou Reed, Mose Allison, Slim Harpo, Greg Brown, Robert Johnson, The Stone Roses, Dr. John, The Easybeats, Big Star, Ralph Stanley, The Flying Burrito Brothers, R.L. Burnside, Television, Townes Van Zandt, Savoy Brown, Johnny Cash, Pixies, Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup, Memphis Slim, Odetta, Emmylou Harris, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Woody Guthrie, Grateful Dead, The Beatles, Steve Earle, JJ Cail, Tom Petty, Waylon Jennings, Lightnin' Hopkins, The Pogues, Bruce Springsteen, Tim Buckley, Junior Brown, Leadbelly, Patsy Cline, Willie Dixon, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Howlin' Wolf, The Allman Brothers Band, AC/DC, XTC, Alan Vega, The White Stripes, Serge Gainsbourg, Ali Farka Toure, B.B. King, Wilco, Captain Beefheart, Willy Nelson, Uncle Tupelo, James Taylor, Dolly Parton, The Doors, The Johnny Burnette Trio.

Styles and method

A leader of the "mid-2000s new blues-country-rock movement", Reyne's influences are most commonly cited among late-fifties to early-seventies folk, blues, country and rock. Vocally compared to a "cross between Ryan Adams and Ry Cooder" by the All Music Guide.


The band's debut mini-album was named Single of the week and given 3.5 stars in The Daily Telegraph. "A rockin' blues mini-album which finds the son of James sounding eerily like his father for the first time in his nascent career. Opener The Blonde Hotel barely gives you time to catch breath with its relentless rhythm, To Be Your Friend is a sweet, fireside acoustic guitar and harmonica number and the title track is another rollicking bluesy rock song with some serious chops. The biggest achievement of these eight tracks is that they whet your appetite to see them live." --KM,22049,21886015-5012327,00.html

Jaime Robbie Reyne & The Paradise Three

In 2006, after extensive solo performances, Jaime Robbie formed the Jaime Robbie Reyne & The Paradise Three who would come together to compliment his solo songs and make them come alive. The Paradise Three's initial line up was; Conor Gallacher (bass), Henry Sgourakis (drums) and Luke Cartwright (guitar and banjo), before a line-up change in early 2007 seeing Henry Sgourakis replaced by Ryan Ferguson on drums.

JRR & The P3 grew from headlining shows at the Melbourne and Sydney's underground venue's such as Ding Dong Lounge, the Espy, Ruby's Lounge in Melbourne, and the The Annandale and The Hopetoun in Sydney to bigger stages at esteemed music festivals, such as: St Kilda Festival, and Queenscliff Music Festival.



  • To Be Your Friend (2006)
  • 4x5 (2006)
  • Ediths Dilemma (2006)
  • The Blonde Hotel (2006)
  • Cornerstone (2006)
  • Waitn' A Long, Long Time (2006)
  • The Ballad Of Sarah Cave & The Hometown Girls (2007)
  • Fat's The New Thin (2006)
  • Fallen Flower (2006)
  • Mexico (2006)
  • Trying To Be Lucky (2006)
  • Steal My Soul (2006)

Studio Albums


Reyne began writing in adolescence and started as a solo singer/songwriter before forming Jaime Robbie Reyne & The Paradise Three in late 2006.

Acting career

In college, Jaime also became very interested in theater, film and cinematography.

He has appreared in numerous Theatre, TV and Film productions including: Neighbours, Diablo is Done For, Evolution, Snow White, G7, Horace & Tina and


Reyne played Taj Coppin on the internationally Popular TV show Neighbours.

Taj Coppin was a fictional character in the Australian soap opera Neighbours, played by Jaime Robbie Reyne. He first appeared in 2002 . He was a member of the 'House of Trouser' until his departure in 2004.

Taj Copin was in some trouble with a school project when he met Libby Kennedy who helped him and even offered to tutor him but, as it went on, he started to fall on Love with her completely unaware to Libby. She soon releaized it when he invited her to the cinema and sent her a bouquet of flowers. She decided to not speak to him about it thinking it was a school boy crush which would go away but he was in love with her. After Libby broke up with her boy friend Cameron Hodder, Taj kissed her in school but she told him never to do that again. Then at his eighteenth birthday he tried it on with her but nothing happened until the sudden death of Dee Bliss which saddened libby. Then Taj invited her over to her house for purely platonic reasons but it ended in them having sex. The next morning Libby regretted what had happened and told Taj that it was not serious or ever going to happen again. Then Boyd Hoyland overheard and he told a few people who leaked it over the school and Libby got fired and went to a cabin in the mountains. Taj then walked the full distance to the mountains and left her a note saying how he felt about her. *Sister: Tahnee Coppin

Further Information

New Information & Rumor

Mini-album "Fallen Flower" has been released in JB Hi-Fi (Australia) and I Tunes (world-wide). The band has become the in-demand band on the Australian music festival circuit. Currently, the band are confirmed to perform at the Toyota Country Music Muster, Queenscliff Music Festival, and the Peats Ridge Festival.


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