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Fan club

A fan club is a group that is dedicated to a well known person, group, idea (such as history) or sometimes even an inanimate object (such as a famous building). Most fanclubs are run by fans who devote considerable time and resources to supporting them. There are also "official" fanclubs that are run by someone associated with the person or organization the club is centered around. This is the case for many musicians, soccer teams and more.

Functions as an organization

Larger fanclubs may organize events and fundraising relating to what they are based on. In some cases the money that is raised goes directly to the people the fanclub is based around.

On the Internet

Today, many fan clubs have web sites to support their adoring efforts. These sites usually have photos and information on the object of their affection. For example, a fan site dedicated to musicians might have photos, videos, discussion boards, and information on upcoming concerts.

Fanclubs in video games and anime

In some Japanese video games and anime, there is a main character that has a fanclub within the context of the fictional world, consisting of mostly members of the opposite gender. In cases where a fictional fanclub website is created, a real one may be recreated by fans in the real world.

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