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Bonnett's Run

Bonnett's Run is a stream in Crab Orchard, West Virginia, United States, and a tributary of Crab Orchard Creek. The creek rises from a number of natural springs in a deep hollow and flows less than half a mile before joining Crab Orchard Creek. It is notable because of its upper section, which is a bog area with a variety of interesting flora, including giant ferns. The lower half of the sream runs over a series of small falls into a deep cut known as 'the canyon.'

In July 2001, Bonnett's Run flooded severely, resulting in major erosion on the lower portion of the creek. In 2003, the upper section was dammed to form Bonnett's Pond. The creek, though small, is proned to flash flooding and erosion of the canyon section.

Rock Run feeds into Bonnett's Run about half way down the valley.

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