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Run a Crooked Mile

Run a Crooked Mile is a made-for-TV thriller in which Louis Jourdan (in typically suave form) stars as Richard Stuart, an ordinary schoolteacher who, whilst on holiday, is a witness to a murder in a private secluded mansion.

When he reports this however, no evidence of any murder can be found, only a key on the floor. When he tries to investigate further he is knocked unconscious. He wakes up in a hospital room (after an apparent polo accident) and is astounded to discover that two years have elapsed during which he has been unhappily married to a beautiful woman (Mary Tyler Moore) and living a rich and extravagant life in Europe under the name Tony Sutton. Not only this, he has become mixed up in a plot to damage the whole European economy.

Acclaimed for its original premise, stylish photography (by Arthur Grant) and use of exotic locations, the film has managed to develop a cult following. However, it seems to have been somewhat overlooked lately and has now disappeared from TV schedules. To date it has not been released on video or DVD.



  • Gene Levitt - Director
  • Ian Lewis - Producer
  • Charles F. Engel - Executive Producer
  • Trevor Wallace - Writer
  • Mike Leander – Original Music/Conductor Mike Leander Biography
  • Arthur Grant – Cinematographer
  • Bert Rule – Editor
  • Bernard Robinson - Production Designer
  • Weston Drury Jr. – Casting
  • George Blackler - Makeup Artist
  • Betty Glasow - Hair Stylist
  • Donald Toms - Production Manager
  • Bert Batt - Assistant Director
  • Ken Softley - Construction manager
  • Robert T. MacPhee - Sound Recordist
  • William Trent - Sound Editor
  • Charlie McFadden - Boom Operator
  • Neil Binney - Camera Operator
  • Rosemary Burrows - Wardrobe
  • Philip Martell - Musical Director
  • Joy Mercer - Continuity
  • John Southwood - Location Manager

'Filmed in Britain 1969 – USA – Colour – 100mins'

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