Rumbo is a character who appears in numerous novels by the British novelist James Herbert. Rumbo was once a human, but is reincarnated as red animals several times.

Rumbo first appeared in the 1977 novel Fluke, in this novel he was a stray Red Setter who befriends the main character, a mixed breed dog named Fluke, in this novel Rumbo dies, when he is crushed by a falling car in a scrap yard. Towards the end of the novel Rumbo is reincarnated as a Red squirrel, he later appears in The Magic Cottage, still as a squirrel and in the 2001 novel Once, this time as a Red fox, he also appears in the 2003 Herbert novel Nobody True. Rumbo was included in the film adaptation of Fluke but was portrayed as a St Bernard type dog insteed of a Red Setter, the character Rumbo was voiced by Samuel L. Jackson.

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