Ruffini ending

The Ruffini ending or Ruffini corpuscle is a class of slowly adapting mechanoreceptor thought to exist only in the glabrous dermis and subcutaneous tissue of humans. It is named after Angelo Ruffini.


This spindle-shaped receptor is sensitive to skin stretch, and contributes to the kinesthetic sense of and control of finger position and movement. It is believed to be useful for monitoring slippage of objects along the surface of the skin, allowing modulation of grip on an object.

Ruffini endings are located in the deep layers of the skin, and register mechanical deformation within joints, more specifically angle change, with a specificity of up to 2 degrees, as well as continuous pressure states.

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  • Paré M, Behets C, Cornu O (2003). "Paucity of presumptive ruffini corpuscles in the index finger pad of humans.". J Comp Neurol 456 (3): 260–6.

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