Rubbery Figures

Rubbery Figures was a satirical rubber puppet series that screened in Australia in various forms from 1984 to 1990. It appeared on TV comedies like the ABC's Rubbery Figures and Fast Forward. It featured puppets of major political and social characters.

The Rubbery Figures programs were made in the Melbourne film studio of Peter Nicholson, who also made the puppets themselves. Almost all the character voices for the puppets were performed by Melbourne impersonator Paul Jennings. The programs featured inserts of animation of puppet photo cutouts done mainly by Michael Nicholson Fast Forward included Rubbery Figures in 1991 + 1992.

Fast Forward's Rubbery Figures cartoons included such characters as Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Andrew Peacock, John Elliot + Ronald Reagan.

FF's Rubbery Figures Cartoons included Bob Hawke's Charisma Trek.

In 1991, EMI Music released a RUBBERY FIGURES music track called "The Recession Rap". It hit #60 on the ARIA Chart in August 1991.

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