rubber room

Jacob's Mouse

Jacob's Mouse was a three-piece indie rock band from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England. They comprised identical twins Hugo and Jebb Boothby) on guitar and bass respectively, along with singing drummer Sam Marsh.

Despite some critical acclaim, and a successful UK tour supporting Babes in Toyland and Trumans Water, they failed to take the wider world by storm. Following the release of their Rubber Room LP in 1995, Jacob's Mouse split. Marsh went on to record a couple of singles with Machismo's.

Sam Marsh is now singer/drummer in Bury St Edmunds old skool hardcore punk band "Volunteers", whose debut LP was released in 2003 on Bury's "Hardcore Hobbies" label. They have a split single (with Impact on the other side) being released in October 2004 on Cambridge's "Repeat Records".




  • No Fish Shop Parking (Blithering Idiot, 1991)
  • I'm Scared (Wiiija, 1993) - cover photo by Joe Dilworth
  • Wryly Smilers (EP/singles compilation on Wiiija, 1994)
  • Rubber Room (Wiiija, 1995)

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