Rubber match

Rubber match

In boxing, mixed martial arts, and other combat sports, a rubber match is the third fight between two fighters after the first two matches have been split.


Often this is the last time the two people will fight and decides who will have the winning record, thus rubber matches are generally greatly anticipated and often have a higher purse than the earlier two fights.

One of the most famous rubber matches to take place in boxing was between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, a fight dubbed the Thrilla in Manila. In mixed martial arts, notable rubber matches include Chuck Liddell vs. Randy Couture and Matt Hughes vs. Georges St. Pierre, both from the UFC.


Taken from Rubber bridge, the term rubber game is used to describe the deciding game of a series. Generally the term is not used to describe the deciding game of a playoff series, but is normally limited to describing the third game of a three game regular season series when the two teams have split the first two games.

Origin of Rubber

The use of the word Rubber to describe a tiebreaker is believed to have originated in the English game bowls.

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