Nimet Çubukçu

Nimet Çubukçu is a Minister of State of Turkey, responsible for women, and a member of parliament for Istanbul of the ruling Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi.

She has been Minister of State since 2003 and has had to deal with a number of issues including:

  • scandalous treatment of patients in women's refuges and orphanages, from neglect to girl orphans involved in prostitution, to physical assault bordering on torture of children.
  • The events led to criticism of the lack of female staff and inpectors in these institutions, and subsequently to calls for Çubukçu's resignation. Instead of which we got the minister on the front pages of newspapers visiting orphanages and posing for photo-opportunities with the poor children.

Sayings and statements

  • In the Ruandan parliament 54% of members are women, but can you claim that Ruanda is a democratic society, that women's rights there are more advanced?
  • my informants are the children - (following the Malatya Orphanage scandal and criticism that there was not enough inspection of these institutions).


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