Rover may refer to:


Land vehicles

  • Rover Company, a former British car manufacturing company and originator of the Rover and Land Rover car brands, later a subsidiary of British Leyland, now owned by Tata Motors
  • Austin Rover Group, a car manufacturing division of British Leyland
  • Rover Group, a former British vehicle manufacturing group, the successor to British Leyland
  • MG Rover Group, a former British car manufacturing company formed from the remnants of the Rover Group after its split-up by BMW
  • Freight Rover, the light commercial vehicle manufacturing division of BL, later privatised and becoming LDV
  • Land Rover, a British all-terrain utility vehicles company, founded by the Rover Company under the ownership of BL
  • Rover Light Armoured Car, an armoured car built in Australia during the Second World War
  • Rover class, a famous class of Great Western Railway broad gauge steam locomotives
  • Rover (bicycle), originating in 1885, the first recognizably modern bicycle

Space exploration

In sports

Football (soccer) teams

Other sports

Other uses

  • Rover (lawnmower), iconic Australian lawnmower brand
  • Rover (ticket), public transport ticket
  • Rover Scouts, age section in many Scouting associations
  • Rover (The Prisoner), the floating white sphere that captured would-be escapees in the TV series The Prisoner
  • ROVER Remotely Operated Video Enhanced Receiver, a military system which sends sensor images from aircraft to ground troops
  • Rover, a character in the Animal Crossing video game series
  • Rovers Return Inn, a fictional public house in the ITV1 soap opera Coronation Street
  • Rovers Morning Glory, a syndicated radio show hosted by Shane "Rover" French
  • Red Rover, a game

  • Rover, the main character of J.R.R. Tolkien's book Roverandom
  • Rover (comic), a boys' comic book featuring Alf Tupper. Published from 4th March 1922, it was merged with the Wizard in 1963, ceasing publication in 1978.
  • Rover, a common name for a dog

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