Routine may refer to:

  • Routine, as a course of normative, standardized actions or procedures that are followed regularly, oftentimes repetitiously;
  • Choreographed routine, an orchestrated dance involving several performers;
  • Comedy routine, a comedic act or part of an act;
  • Visual routine, a visual cognitive means of extracting information from a scene;
  • Routine activity theory, a sub-field of criminology;
  • Routine (SWT), the first of four stories in the second issue of the Star Wars Tales series;
  • Routine Irregular, the 2002 debut album by the British metal band Fony;
  • Routine Valor, a 2006 Star Wars comic book by Dark Horse Comics;
  • Subroutine, a reused piece of computer code;
  • Coroutine, a generalized reentrant computer subroutine having multiple entry points;
  • Ethnomethodology, a sociological discipline focused on the methods groups use to create societal order

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