Rourkela, city (1991 pop. 398,864), Orissa state, E central India, at the confluence of the Koel and Lankh rivers. The city is built around a large iron and steel plant. Other products are heavy machinery, fertilizers, and chemicals.

Rourkela is located in the northwestern tip of the Indian state of Orissa at the heart of a rich mineral belt. It is the third largest city in orissa.It is surrounded by a range of hills and encircled by rivers. One of the largest steel plants of the Steel Authority of India Limited is situated here. It also has National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, one of the NITs of the country.


The name "Rourkela" means "Our Village" derived from Rour which means "your" and kela means "village" in the local language Sadri spoken by the Raulia tribe living there.


The picturesque and modern twin towns of Rourkela and Fertilizer Township as well as their developed periphery are located in areas that were once covered by dense forests. According to the census report of 2001 the population of Rourkela is 4,84,292. As recently as 1921, the population as per the census record was only 382. The then railway station of Rourkela was within the revenue village of Mahulpali. The literal meaning of Rourkela according to the language of Sadri is your home. An alternate story has it that an indigenous community called Raulia was living in the area and the present name is derived from their name for their village.

When India obtained independence, a priority for the government was the industrialization of the country. A basic necessity was the production of iron and steel, and after a search for a suitable location, a steel plant was finally ear-marked for the Rourkela region.


Rourkela is located at 84.54E longitude and 22.12N latitude in Sundergarh district of Orissa at an elevation of about 219 meters above mean sea level. The area of Rourkela is 200 square kilometers approximately. Red and laterite soils are found here which are quite rich in minerals. The area near Rourkela is rich in iron-ore hence a steel plant is situated in Rourkela. Rourkela is situated in a hilly region which adds to the natural beauty of the city. The Koel and Sankha rivers meet at Vedvyas, Rourkela and flow as a single river called Brahmani. Hence Rourkela is the confluence of Koel, Sankha and Brahmani.

"The Hands of Steel"(), designed by Mr J A Acquila, is one of the well known landmarks of Rourkela.


The 23 kilometers long Ring Road, connecting 18 sectors and some other parts of the steel city including old Rourkela is perhaps its most important landmark. Rourkela is broadly divided in Steel Township and Civil Township.

Steel Township is one of the best designed industrial township. With broad roads, open spaces for trees and playgrounds it has one of the best social infrastructure in place. There is adequate health clinics, some of the best schools, well designed markets and parks. The Telephone Bhawan, Ispat Stadium are located in Sector-6, Indira Gandhi Park in Sector-2, Jubilee Park in Sector-8, Max Mueller Bhawan in Sector-2, Ispat Supermarket (also called Ambagan), Nehru Maidan, Ispat General Hospital (IGH) in Sector-19, Ispat College in Sector-16.

Civil Township is very commercial area and hub to the business of Western Orissa. The good residential areas are Basanti Colony, Area 7 & 8, Koelnagar and Chennd Colony.


Rourkela has a tropical climate and receives high rainfall during Southwest monsoon (June-September) and retreating Northeast monsoon (December-January). Average annual rainfall ranges between 160-200 cm. The minimum and maximum temperatures are in the range of 11 C to 44 C with a mean minimum and maximum temperature range of 14.3 C to 39.2 C during coldest and hottest months. Thirty six percent of the geographical area of the district has semi-evergreen or tropical dry deciduous forest.



Rourkela is the industrial capital of Orissa. It has industries of all sizes. The city is known internationally for iron and steel trades. Recent upspurt in iron & steel pricing has seen a lot of industries of all sizes coming in and around Rourkela. The city is near to the source of Raw Materials.

Large scale industries:

  • Rourkela Steel Plant (set-up by Govt. of India & Krupps & Demago, Germany)
  • Fertiliser Plant
  • Orind
  • IDL Limited (now merged to Gulf Oil Corporation Limited)
  • Bondamunda Marshalling Yard
  • Sponge Iron Plants (around 40 plants are located here)
  • STPI Rourkela


  • Vedvyas Crane Services.

  • Adhunik Metalliks,Kuarmaunada
  • Grasim Industries Ltd. (Sundargarh Cement Project)
  • IFGL
  • Shree Cements
  • IDCO Tower,Civil Township
  • Sarves Refractories
  • Orissa Cement Ltd. , Rajgangpur(about 32kms from Rourkela)
  • L & T Heavy Engineering , Kansbahal

Medium scale industies :

  • D.G Industries (Automobile & Mining spares company)
  • Shree Hari Sponge Pvt Limited
  • Mansarowar Industries
  • Nidhi Industries
  • Krishna Ferro Company
  • Shiva Refractories & Ceramics
  • ShreeChem Resins, Kalunga
  • Orient Paper Mills
  • Bhavna Pharmaceuticals
  • Adree Business services, Civil Township
  • Indian Charge Chrome Ltd.
  • Orissa synthetics
  • O & M
  • Lath Consultancies
  • Utkal Machinery , Kansbahal
  • Scan Steel
  • Hari Machines Ltd.
  • Shanti Poly
  • D V Industies
  • Metal Junction Services Ltd.
  • M.M Aqua Technologies
  • Vipra Industries
  • Global In Hydralics
  • Rourkela Fabrications
  • Eastern Alloys , Kalunga
  • Penquin Paper Plast
  • Frequency
  • Golchha Pigments Pvt. Ltd., Kalunga
  • Koshala Engineers
  • Konark Oxygen
  • Utkal Ferro Products Pvt. Ltd., Kalunga
  • Lee & Nee Software Ltd.
  • Hi Technologies & Services
  • Maa Tarini Stone

Trading houses

  • Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL)
  • Ridhi Sidhi Trade & Services Private Limited
  • Hindustan Trading Company
  • Larsen & Turbo
  • Penguins India
  • Sangeeta Sales Corporation
  • Sangeeta Transport Corporation
  • Wheelboard & Co
  • Pacific International
  • Adhunik Metallics
  • Classic Collections
  • Rajesh & Company
  • Dharamnath Prasad Zaveri & Sons
  • Real Business Promotion Pvt. Ltd
  • Anurag Ferro Products Pvt. Ltd
  • Shree Group


Rourkela also acts as a hub for tourism to Orissa.


  • Hotel AASTHA,station road,A Palace of luxury
  • Hotel Radhika, Madhusudan Marg, Near Railway Station
  • Hotel Apsara, Near Railway Station
  • Hotel Chanderlok, Near Razak Cinema, Old Rourkela
  • Hotel Deepti, Ring Road
  • Hotel Sukhsagar, Madhusudan Marg
  • Hotel MAYFAIR Garden, Panposh Road. The most luxury hotel in Rourkela
  • OTDC Panthanivas Tourist Bungalow, Sector-5 bypass road
  • Hotel Maurya Residency
  • Hotel Aashirvad, Near Rail Station
  • Hotel Surya, G.T.Lane
  • Hotel Anurag, Madhusudan Marg
  • Hotel Solan, Station Road
  • Hotel Tridev, Panposh
  • Hotel Brindaban,Luxurios Hotel Near Railway Station, Bisra Road
  • Hotel Shyam, Near Railway Station, Bisra Road
  • Hotel Basera,Amar Bhawan Lane,Bisra Road
  • Hotel Maharaja,Gandhi Road
  • Hotel Plaza,Gandhi Road
  • Hotel Heritage Inn, Vedvyas , Kuarmunda road.

Hanuman Vatika

The city houses the Hanuman Vatika, which is a major attraction for the locals and visitors to the town. A 75.6 feet (23 m) tall full-fledged Hanuman statue welcomes the visitors to the steel city. Sri Laxmana Swami was the architect behind the statue. The Hanuman Vatika Trust Board has made a temple complex on 13 acres (53,000 m²) of land. The Bata Mangala Mandira, Binayaka Mandira and Manas Parayana Sharala have been established to the entrance of the Hanuman Vatika. The Koili Baikuntha, the kitchen, the Kalyan Mandap and the Bhajan Mandap lie close to the Jagannath temple. Recently this Hanuman statue is declared as the tallest Hanuman Statue in Asia.


A place of natural beauty also considered a 'Tirtha', is situated 9 km away on the confluence of the rivers Shankha, Koel and Saraswati. There is also a Vedic Ashram and a Gurukula system school here. It is at this site that the epic Mahabharata was purported to have been put down on paper by Maharishi Vyas.

Mandira Dam

Mandira Dam is situated about 25 km from the city. The reservoir is almost as old as the Steel Plant in Rourkela. It was built to support the irrigation requirements of about 50 surrounding villages. But as of today, it is the source of water to nearly 250 villages around Rourkela. There is so much water that it is said that at the lowest level, if the dam were breached, the water would drown almost 100 villages. ------------------------- Additional about Vedvyas. ------------------------- Lovers of Vyasadeva have started 7 day long "Vyasa Mahatsav" from 2007 to commemorate the glorious birth of legendary Krisna Dwisampayan Vyas from 6th to 13th of March 2008. The Vedic Gurukula Ashram has been established by late Pujya Shri Brahmanada Saraswati (who later became His Holiness the Sankaracharya)in 1948, much before the industrial city was conceived. Here, all including adivasi children are taught about Vedic literature.


The 244 m High Khandadhar is 114 km from Rourkela via Bonaigarh. It is formed by the perennial Korapani Nala which flows here throughout the year. It is the highest waterfall in Orissa and the 4th highest in India.This waterfall is having such a height that it is visible from a distance of about 5 kilometres.The scenery is breathe-taking.Reaching to the top of the waterfall is quite adventurous.


Darjeeng is a picnic spot on the river Brahmani. Nearby is Deodhar, a gorge on the river. It is 51 km from Rourkela on National Highway No. 23. About 180 km from Rourkela, Junagarh has a fort of historical and archaeological importance with ancient caves. Another haunt of the tourists is the Mirig Khog Waterfall, a picnic spot, 111 km from Rourkela.

Maa Vaishno Devi Temple

It is situated on the top of the small hill with a beautiful environment of green tree and fresh air through the day. It is also visible from the Railway Station. The images of Maa Kali, Maa Lakshmi and Maa Saraswati were found on the hill in the year 2000. then Maa Vaishnu Devi Temple Trust was formed in the year 2000. The Temple was constructed and completed in the year 2003. Proper stairs were made and water tanks were arranged for drinking water. Maa Durga Temple is another attraction near the cave to be worthy seen.

Laxmi Narayan Mandir

Situated in Sector-14 on a small hillock this is a place to attend complete peace of mind, away from the hustle and bustle of city. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi Mata.

Pitamahal Dam

It is one of the popular picnic spot in rourkela. It is 16km far from Vedvyas.It is so nearer to Kaluga.

Civic administration

The steel city is divided mainly into two sections: Old Rourkela (sections of the city near the railway station that were settled prior to RSP coming up) and the much larger Steel township. The Steel township till 1999, was divided into 18 Sectors, Sector 6 being the largest of them.

The Steel township & Fertilizer Township(Sector-22) are under the Steel Plant Administration while the other sections of the city are under the Rourkela Municipal Committee. Some rural areas of South Rourkela are managed by the Jalda Panchayat.


As Rourkela is the commercial capital of Orissa, it has a developed transportation network.


It is situated on the Kolkata-Mumbai South Eastern railway line which is a major route connecting the two metros of India. Rourkela is directly connected to Ahmedabad (, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Cuttack, Delhi, Bilaspur, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Puri, Patna, Kolkata, Raipur, Ranchi, Sambalpur, Vishakhapatnam and many more cities of India. Garib Rath Express plies between Ranchi and Bhubaneswar via Rourkela. Railway Stations in Rourkela are Rourkela Junction,Bondamunda Junction,Panposh,Kalunga,Kanshabahl.

One of the most bautiful places in Orissa.

Train list

Up Train Name Dn
2860 Howrah-Mumbai CST Gitanjali Superfast Express 2859
2130 Howrah-Pune Azad Hind Express 2129
2810 Howrah-Mumbai Mail 2809
2906 Howrah-Porbandar Aradhana Express 2905
2871 Howrah-Sambalpur Ispat Superfast Express 2872
8451 Hatia-Puri Tapaswini Express 8452
8189 Tata-Alleppey Express 8190
3351 Dhanbad-Alleppey Express 3352
8477 Puri-Haridwar Kalinga Utkal Express 8478
8005 Howrah-Koraput Samaleswari Express 8006
2834 Howrah-Ahmedabad Express 2833
8030 Shalimar-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Express 8029
2812 Hatia-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Express 2811
2152 Howrah-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Samarsata Express 2151
2889 Tatanagar-Yesvantpur Express 2890
2870 Howrah-Mumbai CST Superfast Express 2869
2831 Ranchi-Bhubaneswar Garib Rath Express 2832
3288A Danapur-Durg South Bihar Express 3287A
8312 Varanasi-Sambalpur Express 8311
211 Rourkela-Puri Passenger 212
327 Tata-Nagpur-Amravati Passenger 328
321 Tata-Bilaspur Passenger 322


Rourkela is connected to various towns of the state by State Highway 10 and National Highway 23. National Highway 23 connects it to the nearby city of Ranchi which is the capital of Jharkhand state. Interstate buses ply between Rourkela, Ranchi, Bhilai, Jamshedpur. Several buses ply between the major cities and towns of the state.

Local transport

The three-wheeler auto taxis are the most important mode of transportation in the city. Taxis also ply on the city's roads. Sampark City Service buses, introduced in September 2006, connect various areas in the city.


After the survey of AAI, air services have again resumed to the city. A private airliner known as Sky Airways has launched services in the city since 1st October, thus connecting the steel city with the capital city of Bhubaneswar via Barbil. Rourkela departure 9:45 a.m. daily (five days a week,except Saturday and Sunday).LCC Indigo Air also provides air service to Rourkela. Air Deccan has also started its services to the national capital,kolkata,bhubaneshwar,mumbai and hyderabad


  • Density of Population - 2,500 per Sq. km. Approx.
  • Sex Ratio - 835 Female per 1000 male
  • Per Capita income - Highest in Orissa
  • Population (2001) - 4,84,292 (Township: 206,566, Rourkela:224,601)
  • Main Habitations in Rourkela:Basantinagar, Koelnagar, Uditnagar, Jhirpani, Jalda, Fertilizer Township(Sector-22), Civil Township, Eighteen Sectors, Chhend Colony, Shaktinagar, Panposh, Jagda, Bondamunda, Rourkela Town, Industrial Estate.

As of 2001 India census, Rourkela had a population of 484,292. Males constitute 54% of the population and females 46%. Rourkela has an average literacy rate of 84%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 81%, and female literacy is 79%.Also it is the highest literacy rate of Orissa. In Rourkela, 12% of the population is under 6 years of age.


Rourkela has two recreation parks: Indira Gandhi Park in front of the Gayatri Mandir hillock, and a smaller Jubilee Park abutting Sector-8.

Social organisations

  • · Bipin Behari Panda (son of Late Radhakrushna Panda, Born in 1935 in Baincha Village in Balasore dist of Orissa), Mahatma Gandhi Award Winner & noted social worker(Close associate of noble souls like Mother Teressa,Ramadevi,Nabkrushna Shoudhury) lives in this city, who has enormous contribution for the under privileged section of the society & the down trodden of the area. His relentless efforts lead to setting up of 2000 bedded Leprosy Hospital, Home & Hope a institution of Mentally challenged apart from being instrumental in setting up of various social institutions. Because of his selfless efforts only Rourkela has turned into a Green and beautiful city, as Mr.Bipin Behari Panda was instrumental in mass tree plantation in and around Rourkela and also actively involved in the total literacy movement in Sundergarh District.
  • Shastriji Memorial Trust, Contact No:9437342700
  • Envicare, R-18, Civil Township, Contact No:9437152503
  • Utkal Giri Gobardhan Seva Sangha, Chhend colony, Contact No:9437047547
  • Sanskar, Oriya sahitya Pathachakra, khariabahal, Sector-2, NIT Road, Contact No:9437100900
  • Sushila, NR-19, Jagda, Contact No:9861104422
  • ACID, Rourkela, Contact No:9937245458
  • Lok Vikash Parishad, At/Po-Dengula, Koira, sundargarh, contact No:9437631422
  • Sanjibani, Chhend Colony, Contact No:9437048499
  • Utkalmani Gopabandhu Welfare Trust, Gopabandhu Nagar, Sonaparbat, Contact No:9437342533
  • Social Welfare Activities for Rural Re-generation And Justice (SWARRAJ),CP-Manoj Satapathy, Contact No:9438210529
  • Kalakar Ekata Mancha, Chhend Colony, CP-Prasanta Kumar Sarangi, Contact No:9337144399, 9437044399
  • VISSTAR, Chhend Colony, Contact No:9437212604


Rourkela celebrates almost all festivals due to its rich cosmopolitan cultural integrity. But the most awaited festival is Durga Puja.


Rourkela has limited options for entertainment

Wireless Radio (FM)

Rourkela City has a radio station of All India Radio(A.I.R.) located at Jagda.This Radio station has limited number of programs,fifty percent of which are transmitted from A.I.R. Cuttack or A.I.R. Delhi. But the scenario is fast changing as BIG 92.7 F.M. has been launched in the city. Everyday 24 hours the city rocks with BIG 92.7 which has the baseline "SUNO SUNAO LIFE BANAO".

Other radio Channels include Radio Chocolate 104 MHZ with the tagline , DHOOM MITHA.

Jyoti Mishra, founder of White Town was born in Rourkela.

Movie theatres

  • Konark Cinema Hall, Ring Road
  • Apsara Talkies, Near Railway Station
  • Razak Cinema, Old Rourkela
  • Uma Talkies, Bisra Road
  • Deepak Cinema,Ambagan
  • Jugnu Cinema Hall, Rangila Chowk, Fertilizer Township

Oscar nominated film director Mira Nair was born here.


Rourkela is not only a steel city , but also the educational, technical and research hub of Western Orissa. It houses many English medium schools which provide world class education to their students. The students of these schools represent their schools in various science seminars not only at national level but also at international level. Some students of Rourkela have also got the rare opportunity to visit NASA, the famous space agency of the United States of America. Rourkela also houses one of the premier institutes of the country, NIT Rourkela.Rourkela produces the highest number of IITians in whole of Orissa.


  • Aurobindo High School, Sector-5
  • Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Sector-7 (Oriya Medium)
  • Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Chhend (English Medium)
  • City English School, near Railway Station
  • Chinmay Public School, Mohini Vihar,Fertilizer Township,RKL-16
  • D.A.V Public School, Basanti Colony
  • Deepika English Medium School, Sector - 5
  • Delhi Public School, Sector-14, Rourkela
  • Desouza's E.M. School, Sector-2
  • Govt. High School, Uditnagar, Rourkela-12 (Oriya Medium)
  • Guru Nanak Khalsa Public High School, Near Railway Station
  • Guru Nanak Khalsa Public High School, Nayabazar, Sector-21
  • Indo English School, Bisra Dahar Road
  • Ispat English Medium School, Fertilizer Township
  • Ispat English Medium School, Sector - 20
  • Ispat High School, Sector-2
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya, Sector-6
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bondamunda
  • M.G.M English Medium School
  • Mount Carmel Convent School, Hamirpur
  • NAC (ST) High School, Sector-1
  • NAC (ST) High School, Sector-6
  • NAC (ST) High School, Sector-20
  • Navodaya Vidyalaya, Sector-6
  • Pragati Public School,sector 22(fertilizer town)
  • Radha Swami English School,Bondamunda
  • Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Bisra Dahar Road
  • St. Gregorious Convent School, Kalunga
  • St Joseph's Convent School, Hamirpur
  • Saint Mary's English Medium School, Jagda-42
  • St. Thomas High School, Chhend-Basantinagar
  • St Paul's School, Rourkela
  • Uditnagar Government High School
  • Vivekananda Vidyamandir High School, Sector-18
  • Sonaparbat High School, Nabakrushna Nagar
  • Saraswati Shishu/Vidya Mandir, Sector-6, Rourkela-2(Oriya Medium), (High School Campus is in Sector-17)
  • Saraswati Shishu/Vidya Mandir,Jagda,Rourkela-42
  • Pragati vidya mandir (jagda)
  • Sunshine English Medium School, Chhend Colony
  • City English school (near railway station)

Engineering and management colleges

General Colleges

  • Rourkela Government Autonomous College, Panposh
  • Ispat College,Sector-16
  • Ispat Vidyamandir, Sector-19
  • Rourkela Municipal College, Uditnagar
  • D.A.V Women'sCollege, Sector-2
  • Hrushikesh Ray College, Chhend
  • Gandhi Mahavidyalaya, Deogaon
  • Law College, Nayabazar,Sector-21
  • Rourkela Junior College, Sector-3
  • Nilasaila College, Jagda
  • SR College Bisra
  • Vedvayas Maha Vidyalay, Vedvyas.

Medical and pharmacy colleges

  • Kanak Manjari Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chhend
  • Utkalmani Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Nayabazar,Sect-21
  • Hi - Tech Medical College & Hospital


NOTE-:Biju Pattnaik University of Technology is located in Rourkela City not in Bhubaneswar.


  • Adarsh Paathagar, Sector-5,
  • Basanti Paathagar, Basanti Nagar
  • Utkalamani Gopabandhu Library, Sector-19
  • Utkalamani Gopabandhu Library, Fertilizer Township
  • Municipal Library, Uditnagar
  • Max Muller Bhawan, Sector-2
  • Oriya Sahitya Pathachakra (a unit of Sanskar, Khariabahal, sector-2, NIT Road
  • Pragati Utkal Sangha, Sector-8 (with over 40,000 books)

Rehabilitative Education

  • School for Deaf, Sector-7
  • S.O.S Children's Village, Bagbudi,Chhend
  • Home and Hope, Sector-18


Rourkela has produced some of the best hockey players for India at the international level including present day India team captain Dilip Tirkey and deep defender Lazarus Barla. Orissa's Arjun Awardee Mrs. Minati Mohapatra is from the city. Olympians of repute like Paralympian Roshan and Rachita Mistry are from this city. Indian national cricketeer Sanjay Raul and the Under-19 world cup representative Atish Jena play from this city. Former National 'B' champion in chess and second only to Viswanathan Anand in national 'A' Mr Pabitra Mohan Mohanty is a proud sporting son of the city.

The Ispat Stadium and a beautiful astro-turf hockey stadium are located in Sector-6. There is a basketball ground, a chess hall, and a well maintained voley-ball ground in the same area. The indoor stadium hosts the badminton players and TT stars.

Leading Sprinter P.T.Usha was married in Rourkela.


Rourkela has a hockey stadiums with synthetic astroturf. Ispat Stadium has been host for several Ranji Trophy matches.

  • Sports Hostel, Chhend
  • Ispat Stadium, Sector-6
  • Biju Pattnaik Hockey Stadium, Sector-6
  • Sports Hostel, Panposh
  • IG Stadium, Fertilizer Township


Current MLA from Rourkela Assembly Constituency is Sarada Prasad Nayak of BJD, who won the seat in State elections in 2004. Previous MLAs from this seat were Ajit Das who won this seat representing BJD in 2000, Prabhat Mohapatra of INC in 1995, Dilip Kumar Ray representing JD in 1990 and representing JNP in 1985, Gurupada Nanda of INC(I) in 1980, and Braja Kishore Mohanty of JNP in 1977.

Rourkela is part of Sundargarh (Lok Sabha constituency).


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  • NIT Rourkela One of India's premier technology schools.
  • SAIL Rourkela Steel Plant's website.

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