Ross, Edward Alsworth

Ross, Edward Alsworth

Ross, Edward Alsworth, 1866-1951, American sociologist, b. Virden, Ill., Ph.D. Johns Hopkins, 1891. He taught economics (1893-1900) at Stanford Univ., from which he was ousted in a controversy over academic freedom. He had opposed the use of migrant Chinese labor in the building of the railroads, a political position that disturbed the Stanfords, who were involved in the building of the Union Pacific RR. From 1906 to 1937 he was professor of sociology at the Univ. of Wisconsin. He analyzed collective behavior and social control and wrote voluminously on population and other problems. His chief works are Social Control (1901, new ed. 1969) and Principles of Sociology (1921).

See his autobiography, Seventy Years of It (1937); study by J. Weinberg (1972).

Ross is the name of many places, persons and things:


United Kingdom


Origin: Scottish
Meaning: "good looking"

Ross can be used as a given name, typically for males, but is also a typical family name for people of Scottish descent (Clan Ross). The name is of Scottish origin, and means "good looking". Ross is the name of many people, such as:

Family name Ross

First name Ross

Fictional characters



Two ships in the United States Navy have been named USS Ross. The first ship was named for Captain David Ross and the second for Captain Donald Kirby Ross

  • USS Ross (DD-563), a Fletcher-class destroyer, commissioned in 1944 and decommissioned in 1959
  • USS Ross (DDG-71), an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, commissioned in 1997 and actively serving as of May 2008

One ship of the Royal Navy has borne the name HMS Ross, in this case after the Ross fox hunt.

  • HMS Ross, a Hunt-class minesweeper launched in 1919 and sold in 1947

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