List of Canadian writers

This is a list of Canadian literary figures, including poets, novelists, children's writers, essayists, and scholars. Writers are only to be listed here if they already have a Wikipedia article. Dead links will be removed ==A==
Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
Irving Abella b. 1940 historian None is Too Many
Hugh Abercrombie 1890-1965 playwright Auld Lang Syne
Mark Abley b. 1955 poet, journalist Spoken Here: Travels Among Threatened Languages
Marianne Ackerman b. 1952 playwright, novelist, journalist
Janice Acoose b. 1954 journalist Iskwewak Kah Yaw Ni Wahkomakanak
Milton Acorn 1923-1986 poet The Island Means Minago
Ken Adachi 1929-1989 historian, critic The Enemy That Never Was
Evan Adams b. 1966 dramatist Dreams of Sheep, Snapshots, Dirty Dog River
Ian Adams b. 1937 novelist, non-fiction Agent of Influence
Gil Adamson novelist, short stories, poetry The Outlander
Caroline Adderson b. 1963 novelist, short stories Bad Imaginings, Sitting Practice
Marie-Célie Agnant b. 1953 poet, novelist Le Silence comme le sang
Freda Ahenakew b. 1932 linguist, children's literature
Kelley Aitken short stories Love in a Warm Climate
Donald Akenson b. 1941 novelist, historian
Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm poet My Heart is a Stray Bullet
Linda Aksomitis b. 1954 children's literature Adeline's Dream
Donald Alarie b.1945 poet Jérôme et les mots
Scott Albert b. 1975 novelist, screenwriter
André Alexis b. 1957 novelist, journalist, short stories Childhood, Asylum
Edna Alford poet
Sandra Alland poet, journalist
Donna Allard poet
Charlotte Vale Allen (also known as Katherine Marlowe) b. 1941 romantic novels, expert on child abuse
Grant Allen 1848-1899 science writer, novelist The Woman Who Did
Harper Allen romantic fiction
Lillian Allen b. 1951 poet Rhythm an' Hardtimes
Ralph Allen 1913-1966 novelist, journalist Peace River Country
Sidney Allinson b. 1930 historian, historical fiction
Paul Almond b. 1931 novelist, screenwriter
Anne-Marie Alonzo 1951-2005 poet Bleus de mine
George Amabile b. 1936 poet
Elissa Ambrose romantic fiction
Anahareo 1906-1986 autobiographer Devil in Deerskins: My Life With Grey Owl
Marguerite Andersen b. 1924 poet Courts métrages et instantanés
Doris Anderson 1921-2007 journalist The Unfinished Revolution, Rebel Daughter
Patrick Anderson b. 1915 poet
Rod Anderson b. 1935 poet, accounting texts
Gordon Stewart Anderson 1958-1991 novelist The Toronto You Are Leaving
Gail Anderson-Dargatz b. 1963 novelist The Cure for Death by Lightning
Michael Andre poet
François-Réal Angers 1812-1860 legal texts Décisions des tribunaux du Bas-Canada
Trey Anthony playwright Da Kink in My Hair
Salvatore Antonio playwright In Gabriel's Kitchen
Lisa Appignanesi b. 1946 novelist, biographer Losing the Dead: A Family Memoir
Emmanuel Aquin b. 1968 novelist
Hubert Aquin 1929-1977 novelist Prochain épisode
Gilles Archambault b. 1933 novelist L'obsédante obèse et autres aggressions
Nelly Arcan b. 1973 novelist Putain
Bert Archer b. 1968 journalist, essayist The End of Gay
Jeannette Armstrong b. 1948 novelist, poet Slash
Kelley Armstrong b. 1968 horror fiction Women of the Otherworld
David Arnason b. 1940 poet, novelist, historian The Imagined City: A Literary History of Winnipeg
Joanne Arnott b. 1960 poet, children's literature Wiles of Girlhood
Margaret Atwood b. 1939 novelist, poet, critic The Handmaid's Tale, Alias Grace, Surfacing
Phillipe-Ignace François Aubert du Gaspé 1814-1841 novelist L'influence d'un livre
Philippe-Joseph Aubert de Gaspé 1786-1871 novelist, memoirist
Jean-Paul Audet 1918-1993 theologian
Margaret Avison 1918-2007 poet The Winter Sun, Concrete and Wild Carrot
Malcolm Azania science fiction The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad
Caroline Azar playwright The Surreal Detective


Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
Todd Babiak novelist The Garneau Block
Ken Babstock poet Mean, Airstream Land Yacht
R. Scott Bakker b. 1967 fantasy Prince of Nothing
Shauna Singh Baldwin b. 1962 novelist What the Body Remembers, The Tiger Claw
Himani Bannerji b. 1942 poet, academic Dark Side of the Nation: Essays on Multiculturalism, Nationalism and Racism
Nick Bantock b. 1949 novelist Griffin and Sabine
Bruce Barber art critic Voices of Fire: Art Rage, Power, and the State
Joan Barfoot b. 1946 novelist Dancing in the Dark, Luck
Gary Barwin b. 1964 novelist, children's literature Seeing Stars
Rodrigo Bascunan b. 1976 non-fiction Enter The Babylon System
Michel Basilières b. 1960 novelist Black Bird
Bill Bauer poet The Trail of the Lonesome Pine
Nancy Bauer b. 1934 arts journalist Flora, Write This Down
Kevin Bazzana music historian Wondrous Strange: The Life and Art of Glenn Gould
Yves Beauchemin b. 1941 novelist Juliette Pomerleau, Le Matou
Doug Beardsley b. 1941 poet Dancing Star
D. Y. Béchard novelist Vandal Love
Peter Behrens novelist The Law of Dreams
Henry Beissel b. 1929 poet, translator Under Coyote's Eye
Ken Belford b. 1946 poet Pathways into the Mountains
William E. Bell b. 1945 children's literature Forbidden City
John Bemrose journalist, novelist The Island Walkers
Nigel Bennett b. 1949 fantasy Keeper of the King, His Father's Son
David Bergen b. 1957 novelist The Time In Between, A Year of Lesser
Pierre Berton 1920-2004 historian, journalist The National Dream, The Last Spike
Dennison Berwick b. 1956 travel writer Savages, the Life & Killing of the Yanomami
Gérard Bessette 1920-2005 novelist Le libraire, Le Cycle
H. S. Bhabra 1955-2000 novelist The Adversary, Bad Money
Navtej Bharati poet, publisher Third Eye Press Leela
Dave Bidini non-fiction, songwriter Around the World in 57½ Gigs, Tropic of Hockey
Sandra Birdsell b. 1942 novelist, short story writer The Rüsslander, The Two-Headed Calf
Earle Birney 1904-1995 poet, novelist, short stories, drama David and Other Poems, Turvey
bill bissett b. 1939 experimental poet nobody owns th earth
Lise Bissonnette b. 1945 novelist, journalist Marie suivait l'été, Choses crus
Neil Bissoondath b. 1955 novelist A Casual Brutality, Selling Illusions
Marie-Claire Blais b. 1939 novelist Une Saison dans la vie d'Emmanuel
Clark Blaise b. 1940 novelist, short stories Lunar Attractions
Giles Blunt b. 1952 mystery Forty Words for Sorrow, Blackfly Season
Dennis Bock b. 1964 novelist The Ash Garden
Fred Bodsworth b. 1918 journalist, naturalist The Last of the Curlews
Christian Bök b. 1966 poet Eunoia
Stephanie Bolster poet White Stone: The Alice Poems
Roo Borson b. 1952 poet Short Journey Upriver Toward Oishida
Hédi Bouraoui b. 1932 poet, novelist Vésuviade, La Femme d'entre les lignes
Pan Bouyoucas b. 1946 novelist, playwright, poet The Man Who Wanted to Drink Up the Sea
George Bowering b. 1935 novelist, poet The Gangs of Kosmos, Burning Water
Marilyn Bowering b. 1949 poet, novelist Visible Worlds, Autobiography
David Boyd children's literature Bottom Drawer
George Boyd dramatist Consecrated Ground
Joseph Boyden b. 1966 novelist Three Day Road, Through Black Spruce
Harry J. Boyle 1915-2005 humorist Homebrew and Patches, Luck of the Irish
Karleen Bradford b. 1936 children's literature There Will Be Wolves
Max Braithwaite 1911-1995 novelist, non-fiction The Night We Stole the Mountie's Car
Shannon Bramer b. 1973 poet The Refrigerator Memory
Dionne Brand b. 1953 poet, novelist What We All Long For, Land to Light On
Di Brandt b. 1952 poet, literary critic Jerusalem, beloved, Now You Care
Jacques Brault b. 1933 poet, translator Quand nous serons heureux, Il n'y a plus de chemin
Nathan Braun academic Good News for All Creation (co-author), The History and Philosophy of Marriage (4th ed., editor)
Brian Brett b. 1950 novelist, memoirist Uproar's Your Only Music, The Fungus Garden
Robert Bringhurst b. 1946 poet, author, and typographer The Beauty of the Weapons: Selected Poems 1972–82, Ursa Major
David Bromige b. 1944 poet My Poetry
Barry Broadfoot 1926-2003 historian Six War Years, The Immigrant Years
Bertram Brooker 1888-1955 poet, advertising Subconscious Selling
Nicole Brossard b. 1943 poet Double impression, Méchanique jongleuse
Sigmund Brouwer b. 1959 children's literature Watch Out for Joel!
Nick Brune b. 1952 historian Defining Canada: History, Identity, and Culture
Carol Bruneau b. 1956 novelist Purple for Sky
Ernest Buckler 1908-1984 novelist The Mountain and the Valley
Robert Budde b. 1966 poet, novelist Finding Fort George
Margaret Buffie children's literature The Dark Garden, The Finder
Bonnie Burnard b. 1945 novelist A Good House
Mick Burrs poet Variations on the Birth of Jacob
Catherine Bush b. 1961 novelist Minus Time, The Rules of Engagement
Sharon Butala b. 1940 novelist The Perfection of the Morning


Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
Barry Callaghan b. 1937 novelist and journalist Barrelhouse Kings
Morley Callaghan 1903-1990 novelist, short stories A Fine and Private Place
Anne Cameron b. 1938 novelist, poet, short story writer Daughters of Copper Woman
Elspeth Cameron b. 1943 biographer No Previous Experience
Silver Donald Cameron b. 1937
Natalee Caple b. 1970 novelist The Plight of Happy People in an Ordinary World
Bliss Carman 1861-1929 poet Low Tide on Grand Pre
David Carpenter
Roch Carrier b. 1937 novelist, short stories La Guerre, Yes Sir!, Le chandail
Anne Carson b. 1950 poet Autobiography of Red
Gillian Chan
David Chariandy novelist Soucouyant
Pierre Francois Xavier de Charlevoix 1682-1761 historian
Chris Chambers
Herménégilde Chiasson b. 1946 poet, playwright
Denise Chong memoirist The Concubine's Children
Wayson Choy b. 1939 novelist The Jade Peony, All That Matters
Lesley Choyce b. 1951
Eliza Clark b. 1963 novelist Bite the Stars
Greg Clark 1892-1977 humorist
Joan Clark b. 1934 novelist Latitudes of Melt, The Hand of Robin Squires
Austin Clarke b. 1934 novelist The Polished Hoe, Growing Up Stupid Under the Union Jack
George Elliott Clarke b. 1960 poet, novelist, dramatist Whylah Falls, George and Rue
Lynn Coady b. 1970 novelist Saints of Big Harbour, Strange Heaven
Leonard Cohen b. 1934 poet, novelist, singer-songwriter Beautiful Losers
Matt Cohen 1942-1999 novelist Emotional Arithmetic, Elizabeth and After
John Robert Colombo b. 1936 poet and compiler of reference books
Jan Conn b. 1952 poet and insect geneticist
Karen Connelly b. 1969
Ralph Conner (also known as Charles William Gordon) The Man from Glengarry, Glengarry School Days
George Ramsay Cook b. 1931 historian
Hugh Cook b. 1942
Michael Cook
Dennis Cooley b. 1944
Douglas Cooper novelist
Thomas B. Costain 1885-1965 historical fiction
Douglas Coupland b. 1961 novelist Generation X, Girlfriend in a Coma
Daniel Allen Cox b. 1976 novelist Shuck, Tattoo This Madness In
Isabella Valancy Crawford
Donald Creighton 1902-1979 historian
Octave Crémazie 1827-1879 poet
Lynn Crosbie
Lorna Crozier b. 1948 poet
Michael Crummey
Alan Cumyn b. 1960
Richard Cumyn
Herb Curtis


Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
Paulo da Costa
Frank Davey b. 1940
Robertson Davies 1913-1995 novelist Fifth Business, What's Bred in the Bone
Lauren B. Davis b. 1955 novelist, short story writer
Frank Parker Day 1881-1950 novelist Rockbound
Mazo de la Roche 1879-1961 novelist Jalna
Charles de Lint fantasy
Anthony De Sa novelist, short story writer Barnacle Love
Sandra Dempsey
Barry Dempster
Alexander Dewdney computer science and philosophy
Christopher Dewdney b. 1951
Mary di Michele
Sean Dixon
Kildare Dobbs b. 1923 short story writer
Cory Doctorow b. 1971 science fiction
Don Domanski b. 1950
Candas Dorsey b. 1960 science fiction
Clive Doucet
Orville Lloyd Douglas b. 1976 poet
William Henry Drummond 1854-1907 poet The Habitant
Marcel Dubé
Réjean Ducharme b. 1941
Louis Dudek 1918-2001 poet
Dave Duncan b. 1933


Name Lifetime books notable books
Edith Maude Eaton 1865-1914 short stories Mrs. Spring Fragrance
Winnifred Eaton 1875-1954 novelist A Japanese Nightingale
George Elliott 1923-1996 short stories The Kissing Man, Crazy Water Boys
Louis Émond b. 1969 novelist The Manuscript
Howard Engel b. 1931 mystery The Suicide Murders
Marian Engel 1933-1985 novelist Bear
Yves Engler political writer and activist Playing Left Wing
Jon Evans b. 1973 novelist Dark Places


Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
Emil Ludwig Fackenheim 1916-2003 historian, philosopher
Brian Fawcett b. 1944 novelist, non-fiction Virtual Clearcut: Or, the Way Things Are in My Hometown, Cambodia: A Book for People Who Find Television too Slow
Ian Ferguson playwright, humorist Village of the Small Houses
Trevor Ferguson b. 1947 novelist
Will Ferguson b. 1964 humorist Why I Hate Canadians, Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw
Jacques Ferron 1921-1985 playwright
Madeleine Ferron
George Fetherling
Charlotte Fielden b. 1932
Joy Fielding b. 1945 novelist
Timothy Findley 1930-2002 novelist, dramatist, short stories The Wars, The Piano Man's Daughter
Sheree Fitch
Judith Fitzgerald
Anne Fleming
Barbara Fletcher
Dennis Foon
Charles Foran
John-James Ford
Helen Forrester b. 1919 novelist
Cecil Foster
Barbara Fradkin
Tess Fragoulis
Brad Fraser playwright Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love
John Anderson Fraser b. 1944
Keath Fraser
Raymond Fraser Rum River, Costa Blanca
Sylvia Fraser b. 1935 novelist
Louis Fréchette 1839-1908 poet, essayist, journalist, dramatist
David French b. 1939 playwright
Patrick Friesen
Mark Frutkin
Northrop Frye 1912-1991 critic
Robert Fulford journalist
Nicola Furlong


Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
Mavis Gallant b. 1922 short stories From the Fifteenth District, Home Truths, Paris Notebooks
François-Xavier Garneau 1809-1866 historian History of Canada : from the time of its discovery till the union year
Saint-Denys Garneau 1912-1943 poet Regards et jeux dans l'espace
Hugh Garner 1913-1979 novelist Cabbagetown
Elyse Gasco b. 1967 short stories Can You Wave Bye Bye, Baby?
Bill Gaston b. 1953 novelist, short stories The Order of Good Cheer, Mount Appetite
Pauline Gedge b. 1945 novelist Stargate, House of Illusions
Camilla Gibb b. 1968 novelist Sweetness in the Belly
Graeme Gibson b. 1934 novelist Five Legs, Perpetual Motion
Margaret Gibson 1948-2006 novelist, short story writer The Butterfly Ward, Opium Dreams
William Gibson b. 1948 science fiction Neuromancer, All Tomorrow's Parties
Sky Gilbert b. 1952 playwright Brother Dumb, Drag Queens in Outer Space
John Patrick Gillese 1926-1999 novelist, short stories Kirby's Gander
David Gilmour b. 1949 novelist A Perfect Night to Go to China
Joanna Glass b. 1936 playwright If We Are Women, Trying
Susan Glickman b. 1953 poet, novelist, critic The Violin Lover, The Picturesque & the Sublime: A Poetics of the Canadian Landscape
Douglas Glover b. 1948 novelist Elle, The Life and Times of Captain N
Jacques Godbout b. 1933 novelist Salut Galarneau!, Une histoire américaine
Glenda Goertzen b. 1967 novelist The Prairie Dogs
Leona Gom b. 1946 novelist, mystery, poet Housebroken, Freeze Frame
Phyllis Gotlieb b. 1926 poet, science fiction A Judgement of Dragons
Sondra Gotlieb b. 1936 newspaper columnist True Confections
Hiromi Goto b. 1966 science fiction Chorus of Mushrooms, The Kappa Child
John Gould short stories Kilter: 55 Fictions
George R. D. Goulet b. 1933 historian The Trial of Louis Riel: Justice and Mercy Denied
Katherine Govier b. 1948 novelist Angel Walk, The Truth Teller
David Gow b. 1964 playwright, screenwriter Steel Toes
Lee Gowan b. 1961 novelist Make Believe Love, The Last Cowboy
Barbara Gowdy b. 1950 novelist, short stories The Romantic, The White Bone
Gwethalyn Graham 1913-1965 novelist Earth and High Heaven
Neile Graham b. 1958 poet Spells for Clear Vision, Blood Memory
George Grant 1918-1988 historian, philosopher Lament for a Nation
Ed Greenwood b. 1959 fantasy Forgotten Realms
Grey Owl 1888-1938 conservationist Grey Owl and the Beaver, City of the Ancients
Frederick Phillip Grove 1879-1948 novelist Settlers of the Marsh, Consider Her Ways
Genni Gunn b. 1949 novelist, poet Tracing Iris, Faceless
Kristjana Gunnars b. 1948 poet, novelist Settlement Poems, One-Eyed Moon Maps
Ralph Gustafson 1909-1995 poet Fire on Stone
Sandra Gwyn 1935-2000 journalist The Private Capital: Ambition and Love in the Age of Macdonald and Laurier


Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
Rawi Hage b. 1964 novelist De Niro's Game, Cockroach
Joan Haggerty
Roderick Haig-Brown b. 1941
Arthur Hailey 1920-2004 novelist Hotel, Airport
Thomas Chandler Haliburton The Clockmaker
Jane Eaton Hamilton b. 1954 Body Rain, July Nights, Hunger
Claire Harris b. 1937
Marjorie Harris
Jill Hartman
Kristen den Hartog
Kenneth J. Harvey b. 1962 novelist Directions for an Opened Body, Brud, Blackstrap Hawco
Elisabeth Harvor b. 1936 novelist, poet Let Me Be the One, Excessive Joy Injures the Heart
Barbara Haworth-Attard b. 1953
Elizabeth Hay b. 1951 novelist Late Nights on Air, A Student of Weather
Elliott Hayes 1956-1994
Anne Hébert Kamouraska
Steven Heighton novelist, poet The Shadow Boxer
Michael Helm
David Helwig
Maggie Helwig
Louis Hémon 1880-1913 novelist, journalist Maria Chapdelaine
John Herbert playwright Fortune and Men's Eyes
Sheila Heti novelist, short stories Ticknor
Paul Hiebert 1892-1987 novelist, humorist Sarah Binks
Tomson Highway b. 1951 playwright, novelist Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing, The Rez Sisters, Kiss of the Fur Queen
Lawrence Hill novelist, memoirist Black Berry, Sweet Juice, The Book of Negroes
Robert Hilles b. 1951
Jack Hodgins b. 1938
Clive Holden poet Trains of Winnipeg
Pauline Holdstock
Greg Hollingshead b. 1947 novelist, short stories The Roaring Girl, The Healer
Michael Honeth b. 1970
Hugh Hood 1928-2000 novelist The New Age
Cornelia Hoogland b. 1952
Nalo Hopkinson b. 1960 science fiction, fantasy Midnight Robber, The Salt Roads
Harold Horwood b. 1923
Tanya Huff fantasy
Matt Hughes
Helen Humphreys b. 1961 novelist Afterimage, The Lost Garden
Aislinn Hunter
Bruce Hunter
Catherine Hunter
Maureen Hunter
Nancy Huston b. 1953 novelist, translator
Hazel Hutchins
Bruce Hutchison


Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
Michael Ignatieff b. 1947 novelist, academic Scar Tissue, Blood and Belonging
George K. Ilsley b. 1958 novelist, short stories Random Acts of Hatred, ManBug
Susan Ioannou b. 1944 poet Clarity Between Clouds
Anosh Irani b. 1974 novelist The Song of Kahunsha
Ann Ireland b. 1953 novelist Exile, A Certain Mr. Takahashi
Adel Iskandar b. 1977 media critic Al-Jazeera: The Story of the Network that is Rattling Governments and Redefining Modern Journalism
Frances Itani b. 1942 novelist Deafening


Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
Donald Jack 1924-2003 novelist, playwright The Bandy Papers
Suzanne Jacob b. 1953 novelist, poet Laura Laur, La Part de feu
J. Robert Janes b. 1932 mystery Johnson Wayne
Mark Anthony Jarman b. 1955 novelist, short stories 19 Knives, My White Planet
Paulette Jiles b. 1943 novelist, poet Celestial Navigation, Enemy Women
K.V. Johansen b. 1968 fantasy
E. Pauline Johnson 1861-1913 poet Canadian Born
Wentworth M. Johnson b. 1939 science fiction Angel of the Veil
Wayne Johnston b. 1958 novelist, non-fiction The Colony of Unrequited Dreams, Baltimore's Mansion
Andy Jones b. 1948 playwright, screenwriter The Adventure of Faustus Bidgood
Terry Jordan short stories It's a Hard Cow


Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
Surjeet Kalsey b. 1944 poet, short stories Behind the Palace Doors
Smaro Kamboureli
Alan Kane b. 1954 Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
Ibi Kaslik
Welwyn Wilton Katz
Guy Gavriel Kay b. 1954 fantasy The Fionavar Tapestry, Tigana
Lionel Kearns b. 1937
Sean Kennedy b. 1973
Crawford Kilian
Crad Kilodney b. 1948 short stories Blood Sucking Monkeys from North Tonawanda
Jack King
Thomas King b. 1943 novelist, non-fiction Green Grass, Running Water
Mark Kingwell philosopher Dreams of Millennium
W.P. Kinsella b. 1935 novelist, short story writer Shoeless Joe, Dance Me Outside
Raymond Knister
Joy Kogawa poet, novelist Obasan
Gordon Korman
Myrna Kostash
Shane Koyczan
Henry Kriesel
John Krizanc b. 1956 playwright Tamara
Robert Kroetsch b. 1927 novelist, poet The Studhorse Man, The Hornbooks of Rita K
Janice Kulyk Keefer b. 1952 novelist, poet Constellations, The Green Library


Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
Sonnet L'Abbé poet A Strange Relief, Killarnoe
Larissa Lai b. 1967 novelist When Fox Is a Thousand
Vincent Lam b. 1974 medical writer, novelist Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures
Tim Lander b. 1938 poet Street Heart Poems
Patrick Lane b. 1939 poet Poems, New and Selected
Evelyn Lau b. 1971 poet, novelist, memoirist Runaway: Diary of a Street Kid
Margaret Laurence 1926-1987 novelist The Stone Angel, The Diviners
Paul Laurendeau b. 1958 novelist L'assimilande
Eric Layman 1943-2008 poet To a Stark and Clean Place
Irving Layton 1912-2006 poet A Wild Peculiar Joy
Stephen Leacock 1869-1944 humorist Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town
Dennis Lee b. 1939 poet Garbage Delight, Alligator Pie, Civil Elegies
John B. Lee b. 1951 poet The Pig Dance Dreams, Variations on Herb
Ronald Lee b. 1934 novelist Goddam Gypsy
Sky Lee b. 1952 short stories, novelist Disappearing Moon Cafe
Mark Leiren-Young b. 1962 playwright Blueprints from Space
John Lent 1948-2006 poet, novelist So it Won't Go Away
Norman Levine 1923-2005 short stories One Way Ticket, Thin Ice
Shar Levine b. 1953 children's science Extreme 3-D Weird Animals, Fun with Your Microscope
Wyndham Lewis 1882-1957 novelist The Apes of God
Jean Little b. 1932 novelist Mine for Keeps
Dorothy Livesay 1909-1996 poet Day and Night, Poems for People
Douglas Lochhead b. 1922 poet Shepherds Before Kings, The Millwood Road Poems
Malcolm Lowry 1909-1957 novelist Under the Volcano
Pat Lowther 1935-1975 poet Milk Stone, A Stone Diary
Janet Lunn b. 1928 children's literature The Root Cellar, The Hollow Tree


Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
Rozena Maart b. 1962 novelist, short stories Rosa's District Six, The Writing Circle
Agnes Maule Machar
Ann-Marie MacDonald b. 1958 novelist, playwright Fall on Your Knees, Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
Bernell MacDonald b. 1950
Hugh MacDonald
Jake MacDonald
Maggie MacDonald
Gwendolyn MacEwen 1941-1987 poet
Rory Maclean b. 1954
Hugh MacLennan 1907-1990 novelist and essayist Two Solitudes, Barometer Rising
Matt MacLennan
Michael MacLennan
Alistair MacLeod b. 1936 novelist, short stories No Great Mischief
Elizabeth Macleod biographer
Rick Maddocks short stories Sputnik Diner
Antonine Maillet b. 1929 novelist, playwright La Sagouine, Pélagie-la-Charette
Kevin Major b. 1949
Eli Mandel
David Manicom b. 1960 poet, novelist
Lee Maracle b. 1950 poet, novelist
Daphne Marlatt b. 1942
Paul Marlowe
John Marlyn 1912-1985
David Margoshes b. 1941
Nicole Markotic
Yann Martel b. 1963 novelist, short story writer The Life of Pi
Carol Matas b. 1949
Shirlee Smith Matheson
Colin McAdam novelist Some Great Thing
Steve McCaffery
Nellie McClung journalist
John McCrae 1872-1918] poet "In Flanders' Fields"
David McFadden
Leslie McFarlane (a/k/a Franklin W. Dixon) 1902-1977 children's literature The Hardy Boys
James McIntyre 1827-1906 poet
Ami McKay The Birth House
Don McKay
Leo McKay, Jr. b. 1964 novelist, short stories Twenty-Six, Like This
Stuart McLean b. 1948 humorist, short stories Welcome Home, Stories from the Vinyl Cafe
Marshall McLuhan 1911-1980 academic
Susan McMaster
Sylvia McNicoll
John Melady
Judith Merril
John Metcalf b. 1938
Anne Michaels poet, novelist Fugitive Pieces
Roy Miki
Ron Miksha b. 1954 Bad Beekeeping
Rohinton Mistry b. 1952 novelist Such a Long Journey, A Fine Balance
Jared Mitchell
W.O. Mitchell 1914-1998 novelist, short stories Who Has Seen the Wind, Jake and the Kid
Lucy Maud Montgomery 1874-1942 novelist, children's literature Anne of Green Gables
Susanna Moodie 1803-1885 memoirist Roughing it in the Bush
Brian Moore 1921-1999 Black Robe, The Luck of Ginger Coffey
Christopher G. Moore b. 1952
Lisa Moore short stories, novelist
Shani Mootoo b. 1958 novelist Cereus Blooms at Night
Edythe Morahan de Lauzon poet
Pierre Morency b. 1942 poet and playwright
Bernice Morgan
Dwayne Morgan
Donna Morrissey
Kim Morrissey
Colin Morton
Daniel David Moses poet and playwright
Tara Moss b. 1973 Fetish
Erin Mouré poet
Farley Mowat b. 1921 novelist, naturalist Never Cry Wolf, My Discovery of America
Robert Munsch b. 1945 children's literature
Alice Munro b. 1931 short stories The Progress of Love, Lives of Girls and Women, The Love of a Good Woman
Jim Munroe 1945 science fiction Flyboy Action Figure Comes with Gasmask, Everyone in Silico
Elizabeth Murphy 1958 novelist ''An Imperfect Librarian
John Murrell playwright
Susan Musgrave b. 1951 poet and novelist Cargo of Orchids


Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
Akhtar Naraghi novelist, poet The Big Green House
Émile Nelligan 1879-1941 poet Émile Nelligan et son œuvre
Pierre Nepveu b. 1946 poet, novelist Romans-fleuves, Lignes aériennes, Intérieurs du Nouveau Monde : Essais sur les littératures du Québec et des Amériques
John Newlove 1938-2003 poet Lies, The Night the Dog Smiled
bpNichol 1944-1988 poet Konfessions of an Elizabethan Fan Dancer, The Martyrology
Hal Niedzviecki b. 1971 novelist, critic Ditch, We Want Some Too
Henri Nouwen 1932-1996 theologian The Wounded Healer, The Inner Voice of Love
Alden Nowlan 1933-1983 poet Bread, Wine and Salt, I’m a Stranger Here Myself


Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
Sheldon Oberman 1949-2004 children's literature The Shaman's Nephew
Heather O'Neill novelist Lullabies for Little Criminals
Michael Ondaatje b. 1943 novelist, poet The English Patient, In the Skin of a Lion, Anil's Ghost
Kenneth Oppel b. 1967 children's literature Airborn, Skybreaker
Stephen Osborne b. 1947 journalist Ice & Fire: Dispatches from the New World


Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
P.K. Page b. 1916 poet
Kevin Patterson b. 1964 novelist, memoirist Country of Cold, Consumption, The Water in Between
Michael Patterson
Raymond M Patterson
Sasenarine Persaud essayist, short story writer, novelist, poet
Len Peterson
Ted Plantos
Daniel Poliquin
Sharon Pollock b. 1936
Jacques Poulin b. 1937 novelist Volkswagen Blues
B.W. Powe philosopher A Canada of Light
E.J. Pratt 1883-1964 poet
Robert Priest poet
Al Purdy b. 1918 poet
Andrew Pyper b. 1968 novelist Lost Girls, The Trade Mission


Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
Darlene Quaife b. 1948 novelist Bone Bird
Andy Quan b. 1969 novelist Calendar Boy, Slant, Six Positions
Paul Quarrington b. 1953 novelist, screenwriter Whale Music, King Leary
Pascale Quiviger b. 1969 novelist Le Cercle parfait


Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
Thomas Raddall 1903-1994 novelist
Gurcharan Rampuri
Edeet Ravel b. 1955 novelist A Wall of Light, Ten Thousand Lovers
Angela Rawlings
Wayne Ray short stories Giants of the North, Going Down Goose Lane Toward Broken Jaw
Mark A. Rayner
James Reaney 1926-2008 poet, playwright The Red Heart, A Suit of Nettles, Colours in the Dark, Black Donnelly's
Michael Redhill novelist, short stories Martin Sloane
Gayla Reid
Stephen Reid memoirist, novelist Jack Rabbit Parole
Nino Ricci b. 1959 novelist Lives of the Saints
David Adams Richards b. 1950 novelist The Bay of Love and Sorrows, Mercy Among the Children, Nights Below Station Street
Mordecai Richler 1931-2001 novelist The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, Joshua Then and Now, Barney's Version
Ringuet (Phllipe Panneton) 1895-1960 novelist Thirty Acres
Charles G.D. Roberts 1860-1943
Ken Roberts
Paul William Roberts
Lisa Robertson poet
Eden Robinson novelist
Peter Robinson b. 1950 mystery
Ajmer Rode poet, playwright, translator
Spider Robinson science fiction, humorist Callahan's Crosstime Saloon
Richard Rohmer b. 1924
Linda Rogers
Leon Rooke b. 1934 novelist Shakespeare's Dog
Patrick Roscoe
Simon Rose science fiction and fantasy novelist The Alchemist's Portrait, Sorcerer's Letterbox, The Clone Conspiracy
Sinclair Ross 1908-1996 short stories, novelist As for Me and My House
Gabrielle Roy 1909-1983 novelist The Tin Flute, Children of My Heart
Holley Rubinsky b. 1943 novelist, short stories At First I Hope For Rescue
Jane Rule 1931-2007 novelist Desert of the Heart
Elizabeth Ruth b.1968 novelist Smoke
George Ryga 1932-1987 playwright and novelist The Ecstasy of Rita Joe
Geoff Ryman


Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
Michelle Sagara fantasy
Kerri Sakamoto novelist The Electrical Field
Rick Salutin b. 1942 columnist, novelist A Man of Little Faith
Mairuth Sarsfield novelist No Crystal Stair
John Ralston Saul b. 1947 essayist, philosopher The Unconscious Civilization
Gloria Sawai
Robert J. Sawyer b. 1960 science fiction The Neanderthal Parallax
Diane Schoemperlen
Andreas Schroeder
Alvin Schwartz
Frank Scott 1899-1985 poet
Djanet Sears playwright The Adventures of a Black Girl in Search of God
Benjamin Sehene b. 1959 novelist, essayist, and political writer
Shyam Selvadurai novelist Funny Boy, Cinammon Gardens
Robert W. Service 1874-1958 poet The Cremation of Sam McGee, The Shooting of Dan McGrew
Ernest Thompson Seton 1860-1946
Mark Shainblum
Sarah Sheard
Murphy O. Shewchuk
Carol Shields 1935-2003 novelist, short stories The Stone Diaries, Larry's Party
Aki Shimazaki
Maggie Siggins historian, biography Riel
Antanas Sileika
Makeda Silvera
Merilyn Simonds journalist The Convict Lover
Colin Simpson
Jaspreet Singh
Marsha Skrypuch
Josef Skvorecky b. 1924 novelist, essayist The Engineer of Human Souls
Joshua Slocum 1844-1909
Elizabeth Smart 1913-1986 By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept
Jean Edward Smith
Michael V. Smith novelist Cumberland
Neil Smith short stories Bang Crunch
Russell Smith journalist, novelist How Insensitive, Muriella Pent
Evan Solomon journalist, novelist Crossing the Distance
Madeline Sonik
J. Dewey Soper 1893-1982 naturalist
Gaétan Soucy b. 1958 novelist L'Immaculée conception, La petite fille qui aimait trop les allumettes
Raymond Souster b. 1921 poet
Esta Spalding
Linda Spalding
Birk Sproxton b. 1943
Edna Staebler
Harold Standish 1919-1972 poet and novelist
Fred Stenson
Richard Stevenson
Shannon Stewart poet, children's writer
Walter Stewart 1941-2004 journalist and editor
Kathy Stinson
Anne Stone
Mary Swan novelist, short story writer The Boys in the Trees
Susan Swan
Robert Sward
Margaret Sweatman
George Swede
Alastair Sweeny
Scott Symons
Guy Sylvestre journalist, critic
Anne Szumigalski 1922-1999 poet Voice


Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
Jules-Paul Tardivel
Timothy Taylor novelist, short stories Stanley Park
Wayne Tefs
Charles Templeton
John Terpstra poet
Denis Thériault
Yves Thériault 1915-1983
Sharon Thesen
Madeleine Thien
Audrey Thomas
John Thompson
Elizabeth Thornton
Miriam Toews novelist A Complicated Kindness
Morley Torgov b. 1927
Lola Lemire Tostevin
Catharine Parr Traill 1802-1899 memoirist Life in the Backwoods of Canada
Rhea Tregebov
Lise Tremblay
Michel Tremblay b. 1942 playwright Les Belles-soeurs
Karen X. Tulchinsky
Élise Turcotte
Michael Turner novelist, songwriter American Whiskey Bar, Hard Core Logo
Michael Twist b. 1972 Highs & Lows


Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
Marie Uguay 1955-1981 poet Signe et rumeur
Priscilla Uppal b. 1974 poet, novelist The Divine Economy of Salvation
Jane Urquhart b. 1949 novelist Away, The Stone Carvers


Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
W.D. Valgardson b. 1939 novelist, poet, short stories The Girl with the Botticelli Face, Bloodflowers: Ten Stories
Pierre Vallières 1938-1998 political essayist Les Nègres blancs d'Amérique
Edo Van Belkom b. 1962 horror Army of the Dead, Wyrm Wolf
Guy Vanderhaeghe b. 1951 novelist, short stories The Englishman's Boy, The Last Crossing
Aritha Van Herk b. 1954 novelist Judith, No Fixed Address
A. E. van Vogt 1912-2000 science fiction Children of Tomorrow, Empire of the Atom
Jean Vanier b. 1928 theologian
M. G. Vassanji b. 195- novelist The Book of Secrets, The In-Between World of Vikram Lall
R. M. Vaughan novelist, poet A Quilted Heart, Spells
Guillermo Verdecchia b. 1962 playwright Insomnia, The Noam Chomsky Lectures
Paul Vermeersch b. 1973 poet Burn
Margaret Visser philosopher The Geometry of Love, Beyond Fate
Élisabeth Vonarburg b. 1947 science fiction Chroniques du pays des mères


Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
Fred Wah b. 1939 poet, novelist Loki is Buried at Smoky Creek: Selected Poetry, Waiting for Saskatchewan
Bronwen Wallace 1945-1989 poet, short stories Signs of the Former Tenant, People You'd Trust Your Life To
Frederick William Wallace 1886-1958 journalist, novelist Wooden Ships and Iron Men
Tom Walmsley b. 1948 novelist, dramatist, poet Doctor Tin
Sabrina Ward Harrison b. 1975 spirituality, self-help Spilling Open: The Art of Becoming Yourself
Dianne Warren b. 1950 playwright Serpent in the Night Sky, Club Chernobyl
David Watmough b. 1926 playwright, novelist, short stories Names for the Numbered Years, The Time of Kingfishers
Sheila Watson 1909-1998 novelist The Double Hook
Alison Wearing b. 1967 travel Honeymoon in Purdah
John Weier b. 1949 poet Stand the Sacred Tree: Journeys in Place and Memory
Steve Weiner novelist The Museum of Love
Elizabeth Wellburn children's literature Echoes From the Square
Zachariah Wells b. 1976 poet, critic Fool's Errand, Unsettled
Michael Wex b. 1954 novelist, playwright, non-fiction The Adventures of Micah Mushmelon, Boy Talmudist
Dawud Wharnsby Ali b. 1972 poet, songwriter Nasheed Artist
Thomas Wharton novelist Salamander
Rudy Wiebe b. 1934 novelist A Discovery of Strangers, The Temptations of Big Bear
Ethel Wilson 1888-1980 novelist Swamp Angel, Hetty Dorval, The Window
Sheri-D Wilson poet, playwright The Sweet Taste of Lightning, Boy Wonder
Carol Windley b. 1947 novelist, short stories Home Schooling
Rob Winger poet Muybridge's Horse
Michael Winter b. 1965 novelist This All Happened, The Big Why
Adele Wiseman 1928-1992 novelist, poet The Sacrifice, Old Women at Play
George Woodcock 1912-1995 poet, critic and anarchist Anarchism, The Crystal Spirit
Marnie Woodrow b. 1969 novelist Spelling Mississippi
Lance Woolaver b. 1948 poet, playwright World Without Shadows, Lord Strange
Eric Wright b. 1929 mystery The Night the Gods Smiled, Always Give a Penny to a Blind Man
L. R. Wright 1939-2001 mystery The Suspect, Strangers Among Us
Richard B. Wright b. 1937 novelist Clara Callan
Tim Wynne-Jones b. 1948 children's literature Some of the Kinder Planets, Mischief City, The Maestro
Tim Wynveen novelist Angel Falls, Balloon


Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
Xiaowen Zeng journalist, short stories


Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
Joel Yanofsky novelist Jacob's Ladder
Pierre Yergeau b. 1957 novelist L'écrivain public
Ying Chen b. 1961 novelist L'ingratitude, Immobile
Jean Yoon poet, playwright The Yoko Ono Project
Alissa York b. 1970 novelist, short stories Effigy
Elwy Yost b. 1925 mystery White Shadows
David Young b. 1946 novelist, playwright Inexpressible Island, Glenn
d'bi young poet, playwright blood.claat: one womban story
Scott Young b. 1918 biographer, sportswriter A Writer's Life


Name Lifetime Genre Notable works
Rachel Zolf poet Human Resources, Masque
Carolyn Zonailo b. 1947 poet The Taste of Giving: New & Selected Poems
Jan Zwicky b. 1955 poet, essayist Songs for Relinquishing the Earth

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