rolled-steel joist

Open web steel joist

In structural engineering, the Open Web Steel Joist (OWSJ) is a lightweight steel truss consisting, in the standard form, of parallel chords and a triangulated web system, proportioned to span between bearing points.

The main function of an OWSJ is to provide direct support for roof or floor deck and to transfer the load imposed on the deck to the structural frame i.e. beam (structure) and column.

In order to accurately design an OWSJ, engineers consider the joist span between bearing points, joist spacing, slope, live loads, dead loads, collateral loads, wind uplift, deflection criteria and maximum joist depth allowed. Many steel joist manufacturers supply load tables in order to allow designers to select the most efficient joist sizes for their projects.

While OWSJs can be adapted to suit a wide variety of architectural applications, the greatest economy will be realized when utilizing standard details, which may vary from one joist manufacturer to another. Some other shapes, in addition to the parallel top and bottom chord, are single slope, double slope, curved, gable and scissor configurations. These shapes may not be available from all joist manufactures, and are usually supplied at a premium cost that reflects the complexity required.

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