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Rodenbach, Georges

Rodenbach, Georges

Rodenbach, Georges, 1855-98, Belgian symbolist poet and novelist. Living in Paris from 1887, he wrote about Flemish life. His works include the poems Le Foyer et les champs (1877), La Jeunesse blanche (1886), and Les Vies encloses (1896) and a novel, Bruges-la-morte (1892).

Rodenbach was a brewery and a brewing family from Roeselare, Belgium. The brewery is now owned by Palm Breweries.


The brewery was opened in 1821 by Alexander Rodenbach, a blind middle-class man who became an important figure of Belgian Revolution in 1830. From 1836 to 1864 Regina Wauters, wife of Pedro Rodenbach, led the brewery; the direction was next assigned to Edward Rodenbach, their son, under whom the brewery developed and expanded greatly, adding a new malt factory, new fermentation cave, and other such facilities. The last Rodenbach to lead the brewery was Eugène, the son of Edward, who conducted operations from 1878 to 1889. The brewery remained in family hands until it was bought by Palm Breweries in 1998.

Alexander Rodenbach was a relative of authors Georges Rodenbach and Albrecht Rodenbach.


There are three different types of Rodenbach beers, all of the a Flanders red ale style:

  • Rodenbach Original (5% ABV) blended from aged and young ale;
  • Rodenbach Grand Cru, a rich winey beer (6% ABV) consisting of just the aged portion of Rodenbach Original;
  • Redbach, a blend of Rodenbach Original and cherry juice in a manner akin to the commercial version of the lambic style.
  • Rodenbach Alexander (5.1% ABV) is no longer in production, but was a blend of aged Rodenbach with cherry syrup.

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