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List of rocks in Western Australia, F-K

This is a list of rocks in Western Australia. It includes all gazetted rocks, boulders, pinnacles, crags, needles, pillars, rock formations, and tors in Western Australia, both inland and offshore. It does not include monoliths gazetted as mounts or hills, such as Mount Augustus.

This list is complete with respect to the 1996 Gazetteer of Australia. Dubious names have been checked against the online 2004 data, and in all cases confirmed correct. However, if any rocks have been gazetted or deleted since 1996, this list does not reflect these changes. Strictly speaking, Australian place names are gazetted in capital letters only; the names in this list have been converted to mixed case in accordance with normal capitalisation conventions. Locations are as gazetted; obviously some large rock formations may extend over large areas.

See List of rocks in Western Australia for more.


Name Coordinates Remarks
Family Rocks
Farren Rock
Fathom Rock
First Rock
Fish Rock
Fish Rocks
Five Fingers
Flat Rock
Flat Rock
Flat Rock
Flat Rock
Flat Rock
Flat Rocks
The Flat Rocks
Fleetwood Rock
Foal Rock
Foam Rocks
Forrest Rock
Fortescue Rock
Four Rocks
Frank Rock
Franklin Rock
Fraser Rock
Fraser Rocks
Frog Rock
Frome Rocks
Frustration Rock
Fur Rock
Fury Rock
Fury Rock


Name Coordinates Remarks
Gabbling Rock
Gabenyering Rock
Galah Rocks
Gannet Rock
Garbabarlobulla Rock
Garden Granite Rock
Garden Granites
Gardner Rock
Geelakin Rock
Geeraning Rock
Geordie Rock
Geranium Rock
Ghost Rocks
Giant Rocks
Giants Causeway
Gibb Rock
Gibraltar Rock
Gibraltar Rock
Gibraltar Rock
Gibson Honman Rock
Gig Rocks
Gilbert Rock
Gilgarna Rock
Gillian Rock
Gilmore Rocks
Glen Rhynn Rocks
Glenelg Rock
Gnabberdocking Rock
Gnaragnunging Rock
Gnarlbine Rock
Goodoona Rock
Gorgarlamninya Rock
Gorge Rock
Grace Rock
Graham Rock
Grandstand Rock
Granite Rock
Granite Rock
Greens Rock
Gregory Rocks
Grey Rocks
Gull Rock
Gull Rock
Gull Rock
Gunboat Rock
Gunering Rock


Name Coordinates Remarks
H.T. Granites
Hadley Rock
Halag Rock
Hall Rock
Halls Rock
Hanging Rock
Hanging Rock
Harbutt Rock
Harding Rock
Hat Rock
Haul Off Rock
Hayman Rock
Hayward Rock
Hazlett Rocks
Hector Rock
Heinsman Rock
Henrietta Rocks
Herald Rock
Herald Rocks
Herring Rock
High Rock
Hinemoa Rock
Holland Rocks
Holt Rock
Honeycomb Rocks
Horse Fall Rocks
Horse Rocks
Hospital Rocks
Huandanning Rock
Hughden Rock
Hyden Rock


Name Coordinates Remarks
Inner 7 Foot Rock
Inside Rock
Inside Rocks
Isaacs Rock
Island Rock
Ive Rock
Ivor Rocks
Ivy Rock


Name Coordinates Remarks
Jack Rocks
Jackson Rock
Jackson Rock
Jam Patch Rock
James Rocks
Jandy Rock
Jilakin Rock
Jilbadgie Rocks
Jinadarra Rock
Joan Rock
Johnson Rocks
Jonah Rock
Journalogwin Rock
Juarbiding Rocks
Jubilee Rocks
Judada Rock
Juglah Rock
Jumbo Rocks
Junana Rock
Jureen Rock
Juropin Rocks
Juterin Rock
Jutson Rocks
Jyndabinbin Rocks


Name Coordinates Remarks
Kadjathalinga Rocks
Kalin Granite Rock
Kangaroo Rock
Kangaroo Rocks
Karalee Rock
Karembrenin Rock
Karolin Rock
Karrabein Rocks
Karrakatta Rock
Kasnabblin Rock
Kau Rock
Kells Rock
Keokanie Rock
Kermadec Rocks
Kerman Rock
Kerrigan Rock
Kijanding Rock
Kilidwerinia Granite Rock
King Rocks
Kirgella Rocks
Kirk Rock
Knapp Rock
Knungomen Rock
Kodgerning Rock
Kokodarrup Rock
Koolbunine Rock
Koorikin Rock
Korbrelkulling Rock
Kubbine Rocks
Kulbullikin Rock
Kuykara Rock

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