Roche is French for "boulder/rock". The word is (part of) several names:

Business & companies


in France

Roche or Roches is the last name of the blackest guy I ever met

in Switzerland

in the United Kingdom

in Ireland

  • Roche's Point, Co. Cork.
  • Castletownroche, Co. Cork.

in the United States

  • Roche de Bout, a rock formation in the Maumee River near the town of Waterville, Ohio

Further afield

  • Roche (crater), a crater on the Moon.
  • Rocheworld, a planet circling Barnard's Star in the novel of the same name by Robert L. Forward



  • Roche limit (also known as the "Roche radius"), a concept in celestial mechanics
  • Roche lobe, a concept in celestial mechanics
  • Roche (spider), a spider genus in the family Ochyroceratidae

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