Robitussin is a brand of cold and cough medicines produced by Wyeth Consumer Healthcare. It was originally produced by AH Robins of Richmond, Virginia. AH Robins was purchased by American Home Products (AHP) in the late 1980s. AHP owns Wyeth-Ayerst. Robitussin products are available over the counter in many countries worldwide, including the United States, Thailand and Nicaragua. The cough suppressant used in Robitussin cough formulations is dextromethorphan. The expectorant used alongside dextromethorphan in some products is guaifenesin, though their products marked for "congestion" may contain only guaifenesin.

Robitussin has various formulations. Robitussin CF is the original cold formula, Robitussin DM has a cough suppressant, and at one time there was a formula with codeine that had to be purchased at the pharmacy itself. In addition, there is also a nighttime relief formula.

There is also a Sugar-Free Robitussin, which went on the market for the first time in 2001. This product is made by Whitehall-Robins Healthcare, located in Madison, New Jersey. Other than the lack of sugar, the ingredients are the same as in regular Robitussin. Whitehall-Robins is headquarted in Richmond, Virginia at the same location as the prior manufacturer, AH Robins.

Recreational use

Some Robitussin medicines have been taken in high doses by recreational drug users for their dextromethorphan, which has dissociative effects (sometimes colloquially known as a "robotrip").

Cultural references to Robitussin

An early reference to Robitussin being used as a recreational drug appears in the 1967 song "Hey Grandma" by Moby Grape.

Robitussin was used as a running gag by Chris Rock in the 1999 DVD Bigger and Blacker in reference to its use in his house as a kid so they didn't have to go to the doctor. It is also mentioned often in the show Everybody Hates Chris.

One of the characters in Douglas Coupland's 2006 novel jPod (and the CBC television show of the same name) uses Robitussin as means of getting high, referring to this as "getting 'tussed up."

Robitussin was featured on an episode of Dr. Phil that dealt with drug addiction.

Robitussin (spelled as "Robotussin" to avoid trademark issues) is referenced in the MC Chris song "The Tussin (Robotussin)". The alternate spelling also references the occasional nickname of the medicine as "Robo," or "Robo-Tripping" that's used mainly by recreational users which is the use in the song.

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