A roadster, also known as a spyder or spider, is a two-seater car, traditionally without a roof (or with a detachable roof) and no side or rear windows. Modern day two-seaters commonly have windows and feature retractable roofs (and are thus convertibles). While retractable soft-tops are still marketed as roadsters/spyders, retractable hard-tops are commonly designated as coupe roadsters.


Old roadsters

Traditionally, roadster bodies were used on anything from a Ford Model T to a Cadillac V-16. They are popular with collectors, and are often valued higher than even other open styles.

Hot rod roadsters

The American hot rod is largely based on Ford roadsters and coupes. Late Model Ts and 1932 Fords are the most popular starting points.

Modern roadsters

The introduction of the Mazda MX-5 in 1989 is largely credited with the resurgence in the market for roadsters. there is also the Tesla Roadster


See also

  • Barchetta, a related two-seater body style designed primarily for racing
  • Convertible, the general term to describe vehicles with retractable roofs
  • Hot rod

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