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Road Hockey Rumble

Road Hockey Rumble is a half-hour reality series following two all-Canadian hosts, Calum MacLeod and Mark McGuckin. It is in the documentary form but crosses over into the genres of sports, travel, and comedy with an attitude that defies description. We watch as Calum and Mark hit the road, playing their way across Canada in a 13 game grudge match series of Road Hockey. From British Columbia to Newfoundland and all of the territories, they tap into the rivalries, legends and grit of Canada’s most colourful and competitive towns. Friends in life but rivals in hockey, each host drafts their own team of locals to battle it out on the court.

Re-runs of the first season, which began airing in January 2007, can be seen on the OLN. The second season of the show is currently in production and is slated to air in January 2008. The show is being produced by Paperny Films.

A number of past and present NHL hockey players have made appearances or been showcased in the series including Jordin Tootoo, Jason King, Wade Redden, Eric Staal, David Ling, Duane Sutter, Éric Bélanger, Terry Ryan, Tyler Arnason and Éric Chouinard. The show has also featured Canadian Gold Medal Champion Curler Russ Howard and 4 Time World's Strongest Man Magnús Ver Magnússon.

Season I - Episodes

Rivalry: Trail vs. Fruitvale Winner: Calum
Game Score: Trail: 5 Fruitvale: 15 Punishment: Hood Ornament with Tomatoes

Rivalry: Tree Cutters vs. Tree Planters Winner: Calum
Game Score: Tree Cutters: 2 Tree Planters: 13 Punishment: Blue Stained

Rivalry: Quintons vs. Laskoskys Winner: Mark
Game Score: Quintons: 11 Laskoskys: 7 Punishment: Man Steer

Rivalry: Saskatchewan vs. Alberta Winner: Mark
Game Score: Saskatchewan: 17 Alberta: 12 Punishment: RHR 100 Yard Dash

Rivalry: Brunettes vs. Blondes Winner: Calum
Game Score: Brunettes: 1 Blondes: 11 Punishment: Shins of Silk

Rivalry: Non-Icelanders vs. Icelanders Winner: Mark
Game Score: Non-Icelanders: 8 Icelanders: 7 Punishment: Human Shield

Rivalry: Port Arthur vs. Fort William Winner: Calum
Game Score: Port Arthur: 4 Fort William: 8 Punishment: Firing Squad

Rivalry: Toronto vs. Canada Winner: Calum
Game Score: Toronto: 1 Canada: 3 Punishment: Spic 'N Spanned

Rivalry: Francophones vs. Anglophones Winner: Calum
Game Score: Francophones: 5 Anglophones: 6 Punishment: Maple Roll

Rivalry: Low Tech vs. High Tech Winner: Mark
Game Score: Low Tech: 15 High Tech: 0 Punishment: Moncton Takeout

Rivalry: Tax Haters vs. Tax Lovers Winner: Calum*
Game Score: Tax Haters: 5 Tax Lovers: 9 Punishment: PEI Pinch

Rivalry: Believers vs. Skeptics Winner: Mark*
Game Score: Believers: 5 Skeptics: 1 Punishment: Pumpkin of Death

Rivalry: Townies vs. Baymen Winner: Mark
Game Score: Townies: 7 Baymen: 5 Punishment: Triple Threat

Season II - Episodes

Rivalry: Fire vs. Fuzz Winner: Mark
Game Score: Fire: 8 Fuzz: 7 Punishment: Newfie Scrub Down

Rivalry: Tall vs. Short Winner: Calum
Game Score: Tall: 6 Short: 7 Punishment: Tatmagouche Fooooore!

Rivalry: Lactose Intolerant vs. Dairy Lovers Winner: Mark
Game Score: Lactose Intolerant: 4 Dairy Lovers: 3 Punishment: Charlottetown S#*t Crow

Rivalry: America vs. Canada Winner: Mark
Game Score: Americans: 5 Canadians: 8 Punishment: 1812 Barrage

Rivalry: Anglophones vs. Francophones Winner: Calum
Game Score: Anglophones: 4 Francophones: 6 Punishment: RHR Casualty of War

Rivalry: Wine vs. Beer Winner: Calum
Game Score: Wine: 2 Beer: 6 Punishment: RHR Blaaaah

Rivalry: U. of M. vs. U. of W. Winner: Calum
Game Score: U. of M. 3 U. of W. 4 Punishment: RHR Suicide Pass

Rivalry: Cooked Food Eaters vs. Raw Food Eaters Winner: Mark
Game Score: Cooked 10 Raw 7 Punishment: Rankin Inlet High Kick

Rivalry: Team Bootlegger vs. Team Ethical Winner: Calum
Game Score: Bootlegger 2 Ethical 7 Punishment: Taste of Own Medicine

Rivalry: Oilers Fans vs. Flames Fans Winner: Calum
Game Score: Oilers Fans 7 Flames Fans 12 Punishment: Greasy Hooter

Rivalry: Irish vs. Falcons Winner: Calum*
Game Score: Irish 8 Falcons 3 Punishment: Man Fish

Rivalry: Cheechakos vs. Sourdoughs Winner: Calum
Game Score: Cheechakos 3 Sourdoughs 13 Punishment: Dawson City White Out

Rivalry: Mark Lovers vs. Mark Haters Winner: Mark
Game Score: Mark Lovers 7 Mark Haters 5 Punishment: The Unspeakable Punishment

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