Ripper may refer to:

  • Jack the Ripper, a pseudonym given to an unidentified serial killer (or killers) active in the largely impoverished Whitechapel area and adjacent districts of London in the latter half of 1888
  • The Yorkshire Ripper, the serial killer Peter Sutcliffe, who killed thirteen women in Yorkshire during the 1970s
  • Brandon Vedas, a man who died of drug overdose on IRC
  • Tim "Ripper" Owens, Heavy Metal singer
  • CD ripper, a piece of software that reads compact discs and extracts audio data and stores it in an audio format computer file
  • DVD ripper, a computer application that copies the contents of a DVD to a harddisk
  • Ripper (copier), a person who is seriously and continuously involved in the ripping process
  • John the Ripper, a password cracking tool
  • A slater's tool with a blade and a hook, used for removing broken slate
  • A moveable hard steel hook on the back of a bulldozer used to break up hard soil or pavement
  • Ripper (hot dog), a variety of hot dog served in New Jersey,
  • Ripper (racquet), a patented raquetball racquet from Wilson Sporting Goods
  • A well-known skateboard graphic from Powell Peralta
  • A colloquialism for flatulence

In fiction

  • Ripper (game), a computer game released in 1996 by Take-Two Interactive
  • Ripper (Harry Potter), the name of Aunt Marge's bulldog in the Harry Potter series of novels
  • Ripper (Slade), the fourth novel in Michael Slade's long running Special X series
  • Ripper (film), a 2001 horror film, starring A. J. Cook and Bruce Payne
  • Ripper (television), a proposed spin-off series or made-for-TV movie from the tv series Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Rupert Giles, a character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer who was also known as "Ripper"
  • Rippers, a type of creature in the Metroid video game franchise
  • A race of mutant kangaroo–human hybrids in the graphic novel/movie Tank Girl
  • 'Ripper', the villain played by Tom Noonan in the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Last Action Hero

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