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Hogs Back Brewery

Hogs Back Brewery is a local brewery in Tongham (near Guildford but nearer to Farnham), south east England, and named after the nearby Hog's Back ridge. The brewery started in 1992 as a joint venture between two friends, Martin Zillwood-Hunt and Anthony Stanton-Precious. Growing rapidly since then, it now produces 40,000 pints per week and supplies over 500 outlets.


Hogs Back Brewery has won over 40 awards for its beers over the years. Most notably TEA was voted "Best Bitter" in Britain in 2000 and in 2006 A over T was voted "Supreme Champion Winter Ale of Britain", both by CAMRA.


  • Advent Ale, a dark ale for December
  • A over T, "aromas over Tongham", a strong beer
  • APB (a pint o' bitter), brewed occasionally
  • Autumn Seer, brewed in autumn
  • Brewster's Bundle, a strong ale to commemorate the birth of the brewster's daughter
  • BSA, Burma Star Ale
  • Friday 13th, brewed for any Friday 13th, in memory of a brewing disaster on that day
  • Hair of the Hog, a light bitter now replaced by HBB, Hogs Back Bitter
  • Hop Garden Gold
  • O.T.T. (Old Tongham Tasty)
  • Rip Snorter, brewed in winter
  • Santa's Wobble, a strong ale for Christmas
  • Spring Call, brewed in spring
  • Still Wobbling
  • Summer This, brewed in summer
  • TEA (Traditional English Ale), the "best bitter" and Hogs Back's flagship real ale
  • Wobble in a Bottle, the bottled version of Santa's Wobble
  • Xhibition Stout, brewed in winter


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