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List of G.I. Joe Extreme characters

A list of G.I. Joe Extreme characters appearing in both the G.I. Joe Extreme television series and in the comic series.

G.I. Joe Team

Lt. Stone: Commander of the G.I. Joe Team, both Lt. Stone and Sgt. Savage previously worked together in counter-terrorism. After foiling an attempted kidnapping by SKAR soldiers, both were approached by Clancy to form a new G.I. Joe Team (Summoning of Heroes). Stone handpicked the rest of the team and personally oversees all their missions. The first one to suspect Count von Rani of treachery, Stone went over Clancy's head to spy on the Count (To Catch a Klaw). Late in the first season, after an encounter with Rampage, Stone would be infected with a viral weapon that turned him into a living timebomb (Extend a Helping Klaw). Not wishing to harm the team, Stone went after Rampage alone, intending to at least take out the villain along with himself. Instead he was cured, but soon found himself on the run when SKAR briefly seized control of America (Coup of the Klaw, Rebellion). Along with his team, this attempt was thrawted and Iron Klaw apparently killed. Stone, however, did not believe Iron Klaw as really dead (SKAR Under Siege) and eventually concluded that he had replaced Clancy (A Traitor Among Us). Upon confronting him, Stone was beaten by Iron Klaw and lay in a coma for some time. Upon recovering, Stone immediately began searching for Clancy (The Search for Clancy), finding him being held captive by the Tong crime syndicate in Hong Kong at the behest of SKAR. After rescuing his old friend, Stone set out to take down Iron Klaw once and for all. Voiced by Gary Chalk in the television series.Ballistic/Eagle Eye: Albert 'Ballistic' Salviatti (renamed Eagle Eye in the second season) is the team's sharpshooter. A former member of the Special Forces, Ballistic became the most publicly recognized member of the Joe Team when he inadvertently saved Count von Rani's life (To Catch a Klaw). Due to this publicity (and network standards against have gun-related character names), his codename was changed to Eagle Eye (SKAR Under Siege). He has a strong rivalry with his former comrade-in-arms the Silencer, having survived an initial attempt on his life years before and a further attempt to kill both him and another former comrade (The Silencers). His sharp shooting skills are natural instincts and feels devices like scopes and lasers sights will just slow him down. He is also able to take out impossible targets by shooting off surfaces. Black Dragon: Kang Chi 'Black Dragon' Lee is the Joe Team's resident ninja and martial artist. Very little of his backstory is ever revealed, save that he grew up in Hong Kong (The Search for Clancy) and has a past history with the Tongs that control the crime there.Freight: Omar 'Freight' Diesel was a former professional football player and the team's demolitions expert. Freight served in the U.S. Army before becoming a football player, but left the sport when he heard about the reformation of the Joe Team (Crawling from the Wreckage, Winner Take All). He served alongside Wreckage, although neither was immediately aware of this. He eventually helped his old friend to remember who he was and to realize it was Iron Klaw, and not the U.S. military, who had experimented upon him (Wreckage: Revenge!). He is very sensitive to his shortcomings, once leaving the team when he felt that a serious injury Metalhead received was his fault (Winner Take All), although he soon returned figuring he could do more good with the Joe Team then back on the football field.Harpoon: Jose 'Harpoon' Montalvo is a former Navy SEAL and is the team's nautical expert (Dawn's Oily Light). Somewhat of a comic, Harpoon would often provide comic relief in certain situations. He also seemed to enjoy fishing (Dawn's Oily Light).Mayday: Mayday was the only female of the reformed Joe Team. Aggressive and determined, Mayday would often push the limits of her body and her equipment (Serious Leg Work, Sabotage in the Sky). Both a skilled fighter and pilot, she frequently utilized both talents in the series. Injured soon after the formation of the team, Mayday was the only member of the team left on Joe Island when Inferno attempted to seize it (Serious Leg Work). Although injured, Mayday managed to stall SKAR efforts to such a point that they were essentially defeated by the time the rest of the team returned. Some time later, Mayday's piloting skills would be utilized after a plot by SKAR to steal a prototype plane from an aviations firm was uncovered (Sabotage in the Sky). Mayday infiltrated the company and foiled the attempt, while at the same time securing a lucrative contract for the company due to her piloting abilities.Metalhead: Matthew 'Metal Head' Hurley is the teams communications and computer expert. He was the first person recruited by Stone and Savage after Clancy asked them to form the new Joe Team (Summoning of Heroes). Although not much of a fighter, Metalhead often found himself in the field (Dawn's Oily Light, Winner Take All, Operation Underground). Most often his skills as a hacker were employed by the team in order to crack SKAR computer systems and technology (Chips and a Cold, Cold Drink, Operation Underground). He has a rivalry with Sgt. Savage (Relics, A Traitor Among Us) that eventually helped propel the events of the series finale (Metalhead Goes AWOL, Betrayal).Sgt. Savage: Mstr Sgt. Robert Steven Savage was the star of the G.I. Joe spin-off Sgt. Savage and the Screaming Eagles. A soldier frozen during World War II, he was discovered by Hawk and Lady Jaye between the original animated series and G.I. Joe Extreme. Also revived was the Iron Army (a stand-in for the Nazis) under General Blitz, a former Iron Army officer with connections to the Cobra Organization. At some point prior to the series, Savage killed Blitz and brought down the Iron Army (Relics). Savage is the "oldest" member of the team who once had a wife and child (during World War II), although physically he is close in age to Stone. When Iron Klaw sought to revive a lieutenant of Genghis Khan, Agra, he broke the only surviving leader of the Iron Army out of prison, a scientist named Gerbin. Savage went after them, not wanting any remnant of the Iron Army to still be at large. He eventually confronted Iron Klaw and the revived Agra, defeating the Mongol warrior and refreezing him (Relics).Quick Stryke: Quick Stryke is a former SKAR operative who defected to the Joe Team after the death of his brother, Jonathan (Point of Honor). Jonathan was a part of Iron Klaw's supersoldier program, but died due to the nature of the experiments. Quick Stryke joined SKAR with his brother, but was not a true believer in their ideals. With his brother gone, he sought to regain his honor with the Joe Team. He thus has a personal grudge against Iron Klaw, one that the SKAR leader was initially unaware of. Quick Stryke used this to his advantage, feigning a return to SKAR along with a valuable missile control system, only to instead attack Iron Klaw when he was close to the man (Point of Honor). Although he was unsuccessful in ending Iron Klaw's reign, his attempt on the SKAR leader earned him the trust of his team. Voice by Blu Mankuma in the television series.Red Mcknox: Red McKnox was a scientist of Scottish descent who designed much of the equipment used by the Joe Team, although they were not aware of who he was until the second season (Operation Underground). After seeing firsthand all he had accomplished, Stone offered him a position on the team, an offer McKnox accepted. Soon thereafter he began work on a projectile weapon that could be set to either destroy or capture a subject. Unfortunately this weapon was seized, along with his assistant Julia, by the Silencer in his bid to get revenge on Ballistic (The Silencers).Tracker: Tracker, along with his trained wolf Dakota, was an expert tracker recruited by Stone in order to find Clancy. Tracker possessed extra-sensory perception, allowing him to sense where SKAR had taken Clancy (The Search for Clancy). After his success in finding the Joe leader, Stone invited him to permanently join the Joe Team.Clancy: The Joe Team's presidential liaison, next to nothing is known about Clancy. He dresses in a black suit and is always wearing sunglasses, resembling the men in black. Most probably his name is based upon author Tom Clancy. Before the formation of the new Joe Team, Mayday served as his personal bodyguard (Summoning of Heroes). Although he often seems to know what is going on before anyone else, he dismissed Stone's theory that Count von Rani was Iron Klaw to his misfortune (To Catch a Klaw). He was captured along with the President of the United States when SKAR seized control of the America (Coup of the Klaw, Rebellion). Iron Klaw had him relocated to Kalistan, then replaced him in order to infiltrate the Joe Team after his defeat (SKAR Under Siege). Iron Klaw was eventually revealed and Stone sought out the real Clancy, finding him in a SKAR laboratory in Hong Kong (The Search for Clancy). While in their custoday his mind had been "moved" to a SKAR computer system, but Clancy had the mental discipline to disrupt their operations in this state (The Search for Clancy). Returning to the Joe Team, Clancy would play a prominent role in the eventual defeat and capture of Iron Klaw (Metalhead Goes AWOL, Betrayal).Short Fuze: Short Fuze was a member of the Joe Team who only appeared in the comic series. As his name suggests, he was an expert in demolitions.Tall Sally: Tall Sally was a second female character who only appeared in the comic series.

SKAR (Soldiers of Khaos, Anarchy, and Ruin)

Iron Klaw: Iron Klaw is the leader of the military wing of SKAR (although through the comic and the first season of the show it is implied that his wing encompasses the entirety of the organization). He has a fascination and deep respect for Genghis Khan (Relics, Rebellion, The Search for Clancy). Iron Klaw operates under the alias of Count von Rani, the ruler of a small Eastern European nation called Kalistan. In reality, long ago he killed the real Count von Rani and has been impersonating him since his service under the Duchess of Mklavia. Stone always suspected the Count was connected to SKAR (To Catch a Klaw), but was not able to prove it until after they invaded America and briefly seized power (Rebellion). Stone then confronted Iron Klaw in his castle and seemingly killed him, but in reality he had replaced the team's contact Clancy (SKAR Under Siege). Stone deduced this, however, and confronted him, only to be defeated and put in a coma (A Traitor Among Us). When Iron Klaw tried to kill Stone, however, both Savage and Metalhead figured out who he really was, forcing him to go back into hiding (Iron Klaw Unmasked). Voiced by Richard Newman in the television series.Duchess of Mklavia: The former leader of the military wing of SKAR, the Duchess of Mklavia appears only in the first comic series (which occurs before the television show). Iron Klaw was originally her second-in-command, but he assassainated her and replaced her as head of both Kalistan and the military forces of SKAR. The other leadership of SKAR does not seem to be overly concerned by this treachery, however, and by the time that the show begins the Duchess is a distant memory.Steel Raven: Iron Klaw's righthand woman, Steel Raven becomes the main instrument of his will by the second season of the show. Steadfastly loyal to her commander, Steel Raven followed his orders throughout the series without question. Likewise Iron Klaw trusts her more than any of his other minions, eventually forcing them to speak to him only through her and not directly (SKAR Under Siege).Inferno: Kidwell 'Inferno' Pyre served Iron Klaw throughout the first season of the television series. Somewhat dimwitted, his backstory was revealed late in the season (Now Hear This). Inferno grew up the son of a poor single mother who worked as maid. Working for the Grunbach family, both Inferno and his mother were treated poorly by her employers. At one point, Inferno seized control of a mind-altering device that allowed him to control people while within close proximity. He used this power to make people love (or, in the case of Iron Klaw, fear) him, revealing that all he really desired was love and attention from others (Now Hear This). Inferno was last seen aiding Iron Klaw's invasion of the America (Coup of the Klaw, Rebellion), vanishing from sight in the second season. His ultimate fate remains unknown.Wreckage: Wreckage was a soldier who fought alongside Freight in the American military. Captured during a major military conflict, most likely the Vietnam War, Wreckage was experimented upon in an early attempt by Iron Klaw to create a super soldier (Crawling from the Wreckage). These experiments made Wreckage extremely strong and resilient, but prone to fits of rage. Wreckage believes the military made him into a monster, a belief fostered by Iron Klaw who directs his rage against the U.S. and the Joes. After Iron Klaw's failed attempt to seize control of the U.S. in season one, Wreckage did not appear until near the end of season two, this time helping Rampage in a run-running deal (Wreckage: Revenge!). Here he encountered Freight once more and the two began a journey of discovery. Wreckage finally learned the truth of what happened and went after Iron Klaw, but allowed the SKAR leader to live, not wanting to allow him to take the last of his humanity. Wreckage then bid Freight goodbye and disappeared, seeking to heal his wounds on his own.Rampage: Rampage is an arms manufacturer who runs both legitimate business fronts and black market deals. Associated with SKAR by being their primary supplier of weapons, Rampage also seeks to eliminate Iron Klaw and seize control of the organization. It is unclear if Rampage is aware that Iron Klaw merely commands the military wing of SKAR or not. He also possess the ability to transform in a werewolf-like creature (Crawling from the Wreckage, Extend a Helping Klaw), but whether this ability was created through science or the supernatural is unclear. After Iron Klaw's apparent death, Rampage sought to strengthen his influence in SKAR and oust the de facto leader Steel Raven (SKAR Under Siege). Iron Klaw, impersonating Clancy, arranged for Rampage to face defeat at Stone's hand. His identity revealed, Rampage was captured, but managed to later escape with Iron Klaw's help and began a bid to take control of a small Third World nation (Rampage for President). After attempting to betray Iron Klaw once more, however, he was exiled from SKAR, no longer enjoying their resources nor protection.

Non-Aligned Characters

The Silencer: Although not technically a member of SKAR, the Silencer is often found in their employ. A freelance mercenary known for his marksmanship, the Silencer was once a member of the U.S. Special Forces and served with Ballistic (Eagle Eye). The two were rivals of sorts, although the Silencer took it much more seriously than Ballistic, attempting to murder his teammate in the middle of the night after many years of competition. The Silencer was court-martialed and thrown out of the military. He is sought out by Iron Klaw a couple of times in the second season (The Search for Clancy, Rampage for President), but also makes a solo appearance when he tries to get revenge against Eagle Eye (The Silencers), whereupon his origin is revealed.Red Scream: Appearing only in the comic series, Red Scream was an anti-globalist terrorist who sought to destroy the Inter-Alliance (the stand-in for the United Nations) by discrediting the Joe Team through the use of imposters. Her identity was later revealed to be that of Commander Roston, an American military officer with access to the Joe Team's files. She was defeated by a joint Joe-SKAR force. Once she was neutralized, Iron Klaw broke the deal and sought to destroy the Joe Team as well, but was defeated and captured along with Red Scream.

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