[rik-ee-tik, -tik]
The Ricky-Tick was an influential 1960s rhythm & blues club in Windsor, host to many important acts such as Soul system, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and Cream.

The club was resident at several Windsor locations over its lifespan and in later days included clubs in Guildford, Hounslow and High Wycombe, but its most famous venue was the Windsor river-side mansion at Clewer Mead.

They also put on gigs at the Drill Hall at Maidenhead in 1963 and had bands like Yardbirds, Pretty Things and the Stones. The original venue for the Tick was upstairs in the Star and Garter pub. It then moved to another pub called the Thames Hotel, not in Peascod Street Windsor but down on the Thames river front, before moving to Clewer Manor. Sunday nights saw the Disco-Tick evenings with Fridays and Saturdays given over to live bands. Geno and the Ram Jam were regulars as were Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames, The Alan Price Set and others including Herbie Goynes, John Mayall and Zoot Money. The "Tick" also helped introduce Motown to the UK with The Supremes, Temptations and Stevie Wonder all appearing. There was also an in-house "Boutick" where you could buy great shirts and other clothes of the day.

Ricky-Tick can also be express quickness in the way something might be accomplished i.e. "This needs to get done most ricky-tick." Used often in US Military and Law Enforcement.

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