MC Rhythmless

MC Rhythmless is a single by a side-project from members of the band GWAR. It's the fifth of GWAR's Slave Pit Singles which were released through GWAR's internet fan club in 1997.

Liner notes:

Stuck Us With A Sucka

White Boy Can't Dance


Lady Dee- voice

G Credit- voice

Da Runt- annoyance

DJ Jerry C- Beats

DJ Roundboy- Turntables

MC Oreo- Voice

Teck 9- Security

and MC Rhythmless- the robot

produced by D. & engineered by Grant Rutledge

MC Rhythmless

inside info

These two songs were meant to be the soundtrack to a comic book by GWAR slave Matt Maguire. It is the story of a robot (created by Glomco) who was built to be a rap star that the record company could control. He was teamed up with Gang Bang in order to give him street credibility. The gangsta rappers revolt and attack the robot.

It ended up being just bad, white boy rap.

The Players:

Matt Maguire- MC Rhythmless (lyrics)

Derks- Da Runt, Roundboy, DJ Jerry C (sequencing, sampling, lyrics)

Brad Roberts- G Credit (lyrics)

Melanie Mandel- Lady D

Scott Wolfe- MC Oreo

Mike Dunn- (additional drum programming)

BalSac, the Jaws 'o Death

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