Rhubarb pie

Rhubarb pie

Rhubarb pie is a pie that is particularly popular in those areas where the rhubarb plant is commonly cultivated, including the British Isles and the New England region of the United States. Besides diced rhubarb, it almost always contains a large amount of sugar to balance the intense tartness of the plant.

In Canada and the United States Strawberry-rhubarb pie is a popular late-spring pie, generally combining the last rhubarb of the season with the first of the strawberries.

Rhubarb pie in popular culture

In the 1960s and 1970s British sitcom Father, Dear Father the character of the Nanny, played by [[Jade ], is frequently making people rhubarb pies, which become a source of humour since she is unaware that nobody likes them.

In the song "Rhubarb Pie" featured in Five Iron Frenzy's 2003 album Cheeses...(of Nazareth), the singer laments his touring diet, which consists largely of Twinkies and potato chips, and wistfully recalls his mother's rhubarb pie.

A song called "Rhubarb Pie" is featured in John Fogerty's 2004 album Deja Vu (All Over Again).

Bebop-a-reebop Rhubarb Pie and Bebop-a-reebop Frozen Rhubarb Pie Filling are frequent fictional sponsors of A Prairie Home Companion.

Children's song artist Laurie Berkner sings about the dessert in "Rhubarb Pie (Hot Commodity)".

In the "Weird Al" Yankovic song, "The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota," "Mama's homemade rhubarb pie" is one of the things the family takes with them on their trip.

Also, Rhubarb pie was mentioned on the televison show "House" when number 13 made reference to it while describing how a patient was doing. "He's delightful, he loves the smell of freshly baked ruhbarb pie and isn't afriad to love."

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