List of books with the subtitle "Virtue Rewarded"

List of books with the subtitle "Virtue Rewarded" is a chronological compilation of books with the subtitle Virtue Rewarded.

In books and other works, a subtitle is an explanatory or alternate title that usually offer a generalization or moral drawn from the work's plot. Subtitles were a common feature of English literary works of the 17th and 18th centuries, especially plays. In the early 17th century, this convention was sometimes made fun of, as in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, or, What You Will; while in the sententious 18th century, subtitles will normally point a serious morality, even in case of comic works.

The "Virtue Rewarded" subtitle has been used by a variety of books as a reminder or boast to reader/audience that the neoclassical principle of poetic justice will be upheld by the plot. With changing cultural perceptions in the 20th-century, such a principle has again become a joke. Note the rhyme Sordid/Rewarded in the title of Winifred Phelps' "Melodrama". In academic discourse in the 20th century, subtitles began to be full explanations of the subject of a work, while the title itself was a gnomic or cryptically poetic phrase. This reliance upon the subtitle is part of the comic density of literary reference brought into play in the Anatomy of Melancholy by Cook et al., implying that dissertation-writing is governed both by the poetic justice principle—virtue rewarded—and by the depressive symptoms described in Robert Burton's The Anatomy of Melancholy (1622).

This list is a compilation of works whose full subtitle is "Virtue Rewarded". Thus The Crafty Chambermaid, or, Beauty and Virtue Rewarded (London, 1800) does not qualify, nor Virtue Rewarded, or, The Faithful Lady (London, 1795).

Author Title Genre Year Story Virtuous person Virtue Reward
Colley Cibber Love's Last Shift, or, Virtue Rewarded Play 1696 Amanda reclaims her rakish husband. married woman chastity and wifely tact return of straying husband
Charles Shadwell Irish Hospitality, or, Virtue Rewarded Play 1720 Sir Patrick Worthy helps his children and neighbours. middle-aged Irish squire good nature, thoughtful fatherhood chorus of praise, children well settled
Samuel Richardson Pamela, or, Virtue Rewarded Novel 1740 Pamela rebuffs her aristocratic would-be seducer. 15-year-old lady's maid humility and embattled chastity grand marriage to aforesaid would-be seducer
? History of Constantius and Pulchera; or, Virtue rewarded Adventure novel 1802 ? ? ? ?
Elizabeth Barrett Browning "Sebastian, or, Virtue Rewarded" Poem 1815 ? ? ? ?
Eliza Pope Henry and Julietta, or, Virtue Rewarded: A Tale, Founded on Fact Novel 1818 ? ? ? ?
M. Bryant My Uncle’s Present, or, Virtue Rewarded Collection of moral tales 1820 ? ? ? ?
T. H. Cauldwell History of Lorenzo and Virginia, or, Virtue Rewarded: An Address to the Young Ladies of Columbia Novel 1834
John Charles Tarver James, or, Virtue Rewarded Novel 1896 ? ? ? ?
Winifred Phelps Temptation Sordid, or, Virtue Rewarded, A Melodrama Play 1960 Two lovers defeat the machinations of a fortunehunter. a pure-hearted young couple resistance of diabolical wiles union of love over dead bodies of enemies
David Slavitt (Henry Sutton) Rochelle, or, Virtue Rewarded Erotic fiction 1966 A young woman resists the lure of vice. dull but virtuous girl ? ?
Stanley Cook, William J. Sullivan, Fred Moramarco Anatomy of Melancholy, or, Virtue Rewarded: The Making of the Dissertation Textbook 1969 A doctoral dissertation gets written. the dissertation-writer work ethic, overcoming writer's cramp Ph.D.



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