Air Jordan Retro III "Black Cats"

Air Jordan Retro III "Black Cats" are Nike Air Jordan shoes originally released 1989 throughout America and the world. On June 16, 2007 Air Jordan plas to release a retro version of the shoe in different colors. The "Black Cats" version of this shoe are all black with patent leather and some artificial snake skin. This shoes are thought as extremely rare and once after released will be difficult to find similar to other shoes in the Air Jordan collection. The Air Jordan III's have been released a total of 4 times since 1989 and everytime released have sold out practically immediately. This color is unique to the Air Jordan collection by that they are the first all black Air Jordan III's to be released. When purchasing from a store on the release date they are expected to cost around $135 including tax, but even days later can be sold on ebay for near double the price.

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