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retinochoroiditis juxtapapillaris

ICD-10 Chapter VII: Diseases of the eye, adnexa

H00-H59 - Diseases of the eye and adnexa

(H00-H06) Disorders of eyelid, lacrimal system and orbit

(H10-H13) Disorders of conjunctiva

(H15-H19) Disorders of sclera and cornea

(H20-H22) Disorders of iris and ciliary body

(H25-H28) Disorders of lens

(H30-H36) Disorders of choroid and retina

(H40-H42) Glaucoma

(H43-H45) Disorders of vitreous body and globe

(H46-H48) Disorders of optic nerve and visual pathways

  • Optic neuritis
    • Optic
      • neuropathy, except ischaemic
      • papillitis
    • Retrobulbar neuritis NOS
    • Excludes:
      • ischaemic optic neuropathy
      • neuromyelitis optica [Devic]
  • Other disorders of optic (2nd) nerve and visual pathways
    • Disorders of optic nerve, not elsewhere classified
      • Compression of optic nerve
      • Haemorrhage in optic nerve sheath
      • Ischaemic optic neuropathy
    • Papilloedema, unspecified
    • Optic atrophy
      • Temporal pallor of optic disc
    • Other disorders of optic disc
    • Disorders of optic chiasm
    • Disorders of other visual pathways
      • Disorders of optic tracts, geniculate nuclei and optic radiations
    • Disorders of visual cortex
    • Disorders of visual pathways, unspecified
  • Disorders of optic (2nd) nerve and visual pathways in diseases classified elsewhere

(H49-H52) Disorders of ocular muscles, binocular movement, accommodation and refraction

(H53-H54) Visual disturbances and blindness

(H55-H59) Other disorders of eye and adnexa

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