The Hard Road: Restrung

Album Information

A remix of the Hilltop Hoods previous album The Hard Road, featuring the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and Okwerdz.

"There's a skip hop symphony on the cards for the Hilltop Hoods - The Hard Road Restrung.

The Adelaide hip hoppers are poised to drop their #1 record, The Hard Road once again, but with a difference - all the tracks have been re-worked by composer Jamie Messenger and "restrung" by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra(ASO).

The Hoods have always been committed to lifting their already firing live shows, bringing the ASO onstage for the ARIA Awards and the Falls/Southbound festivals. Pleased with the results, the concept of The Hard Road Restrung was born.

US freestyle champion Okwerdz drops by to infuse a new version of Conversations From The Speakeasy with some fresh flow from across the Atlantic. Featuring all the original tracks off the #1 record plus a bonus track, Roll On Up, The Hard Road has evolved to another place - oz hip hop vs. the orchestra. " Source: Channel V

The Album was released on May 12th 2007 in Australia, with a launch show and one off performance with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra at the Entertainment Centre on the release date. International guests Okwerdz and Mystro performed as a surprise for fans; they were not advertised on the bill. The performance was recorded, and will be feature on a DVD along with footage from recent Hilltop Hoods performances.

Album Development

The Hard Road: Restrung was brought about in part by the Hilltop Hoods' performance with the string section of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra during the 2006 ARIA awards where they performed The Hard Road (song).

Two tracks were not included from the original album The Hard Road Blue Blooded and Circuit Breaker, this was down to the very nature of hip hop "you are speeding things up or slowing them down when you sample them and that changes pitch. We had to pitch-shift entire songs so they were in tune with the orchestra and it just didn’t work with those songs.".

The Hard Road: Restrung has a new order of tracks and also contains one new track Roll On Up.

Stopping All Stations and What A Great Night also have new verses by Suffa on the former and Pressure on the latter.

The album The hard road Restrung won the best hip-hop album in the 2007 Aria awards

The album was released in a censored format.

"we were working under the assumption that it was a requirement of working with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Turns out that it wasn't (they've been really cool to work with, really flexible and laid back). By the time we found this out it was way too late in the mixing process to go back and change the edits."

Track listing

  1. The Hard Road Restrung
  2. Stopping All Stations Restrung
  3. Conversations From A Speakeasy Restrung Feat. Okwerdz & Omni
  4. An Audience With The Devil Restrung
  5. Monsters Ball Restrung
  6. Breathe Restrung
  7. Another Great Intro
  8. What A Great Night Restrung
  9. Obese Lowlifes Restrung Feat. Mystro & Braintax
  10. City Of Light Restrung
  11. Clown Prince Restrung
  12. The Captured Vibe Restrung Feat. Dj Reflux (Medley)
  13. Recapturing The Vibe Restrung (Medley)
  14. Roll On Up

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