Resident Alien

Resident Alien

Resident Alien is the debut album from the British glam rock band Spacehog. Released by Elektra Records on October 24, 1995, the album was certified as gold on July 29,1996 and included the hit single "In the Meantime".

Track listing

  1. "In The Meantime"
  2. "Spacehog"
  3. "Starside"
  4. "Candyman"
  5. "Space Is The Place"
  6. "Never Coming Down (Part I)"
  7. "Cruel To Be Kind"
  8. "Ship Wrecked"
  9. "Only A Few"
  10. "The Last Dictator"
  11. "Never Coming Down (Part II)"
  12. "Zeroes"
  13. "To Be A Millionaire"
    "Was It Likely?" (hidden track)


  • Resident Alien's secret track "Was it Likely?" consists entirely of Royston Langdon making strange sounds with his vocal chords.
  • Most of Resident Alien's basic tracks were cut live in a barn out in Woodstock, NY. It was intended to give the album the immediacy of live room recording.
  • Although Jonny Cragg makes his singing debut in "Skylark" on The Chinese Album, it is his voice that introduces "Space Is the Place" on Resident Alien.
  • The spoken line in the middle of Never Coming Down (Part II), "Everybody in the world is bent", comes from the 1969 movie The Italian Job. The movie also features jail inmates clapping out the rhythm used in this song.

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