[rez-er-vwahr, -vwawr, -vawr, rez-uh-]
reservoir, storage tank or wholly or partly artificial lake for storing water. Building an embankment or dam to preserve a supply of water for irrigation is an ancient practice; India and Egypt have many old and large reservoirs. In building artificial lakes for a municipal water supply it is necessary to consider all the aspects of a catchment area, including the amount and distribution of rainfall, evaporation, runoff, soil or rock conditions, and elevation (for its effect upon precipitation and upon the pressure in the conducting pipes). The ground of the reservoir may be naturally impervious enough to prevent excessive seepage, or a clay or other lining may have to be built. The embankments or retaining walls may be of earth, loose rock, or masonry. Earth forms a good embankment but must be sealed by a core of clay, and the face must be covered with masonry or a similar substance to prevent erosion. Distributing reservoirs in towns are sometimes built of masonry or of reinforced concrete. They serve to cope with fluctuations of demand and with interruptions of supply from the source. Reservoirs are also built on the headstreams of or along the courses of rivers to aid in flood control, on canals to maintain water level for navigation, and to ensure water supply for hydroelectric plants. Some reservoirs are built on the tributaries of large rivers to act as catch basins for silt. In addition to seepage, the major loss of water from a reservoir is by evaporation; chemicals that form a film on a water surface are used to minimize such losses. Covered tanks made of prestressed concrete are used for limited local water supply.

Reservoir is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Its Local Government Area is the City of Darebin. Reservoir's postcode is 3073. Reservoir is an established suburb with standard brick homes, weatherboard homes, and a high number of new developments. The region contains popular recreation areas and facilities, including Edwardes lake and the multi-millon dollar Reservoir Leisure Centre, and is home to the Edwardes Street and Broadway shopping strips.


Reservoir is only minutes away from the Northland shopping centre, Preston Market, Sydney Rd shops and restaurants and one of two remaining drive-in cinemas in Melbourne, the Village in Coburg. The area is experiencing unprecedented growth; with plenty of new develoments, it is also very popular with young home-buyers looking for a 'still affordable' inner city lifestyle.

The area is serviced by three railway stations: Reservoir, Regent and Ruthven and multiple bus lines. The West Preston tram route also ends at the south end of the suburb.

Reservoir is conveniently located 11 km north of the Melbourne CBD, with easy access to Northern/Western Ring Rd, Hume Highway/Freeway, Tullamarine & Calder Freeways and Eastern Freeway.


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