Guarania (music)

Guarania is a style of music created in Paraguay by musician José Asunción Flores in 1925 with the purpose of expressing the character of the Paraguayan people. This is accomplished by the slow and melancholic rhythms and melodies used in the songs. Some of the songs also depict a heroic character.

Since its creation, the Guarania became the biggest musical phenomenon of Paraguay in the 20th century thanks to songs such as "Jejuí", "Kerasy" and "Arribeño Resay", which generated an immediate acceptance. The best known Guarania songs are "India", "Ne rendápe aju", "Panambi Vera", and "Paraguaýpe", which were created based on a symphonic way, based on orchestral poems, songs with symphonic accompaniment and also based on symphonic poems of universal transcendence.

The Guarania enjoys great popularity in the urban areas, but not in the countryside. This is because the people in the countryside prefer faster styles of songs, such as the polka or the combined genre "Purahéi Jahe'o".

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