Remote Database Access

Remote Database Access

Remote database access (RDA) is a protocol standard for database access.


RDA describes the connection of a database client to a database server. It includes features for

  • communicating database operations and parameters from the client to the server,
  • in return, transporting result data from the server to the client,
  • database transaction management.

RDA is an application-level protocol, inasmuch that it builds on an existing network connection between client and server. In the case of TCP/IP connections, RFC 1066 is used for implementing RDA.


RDA was published in 1993, as a combined standard of ANSI, ISO and IEC. The standards definition comprises two parts:

  • ANSI/ISO/IEC 9579-1:1993
  • ANSI/ISO/IEC 9579-2:1993


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