Remo is an American drumhead company. They are well known for their highly successful Weatherking series, which is now seen on orchestral, world, and marching percussion, and drum sets.

In addition to drumheads, Remo also produces drumsets and ethnic percussion instruments.


Drummer Remo D. Belli experimented with PET film as a possible material for the production of drumheads after World War II due to its consistency in tonal qualities, and resistance to weather changes. REMO was founded in 1957.

Through the 1960s, it was a fight to gain market acceptance. Purist jazzmen preferred the sound of natural calfskin. Rock drummers appreciated the added durability and attack.

Originally, drumheads were white and opaque to help mimic the look of calfskin. Later innovations were clear drumheads, two ply drumheads (for added durability and depth) and simulated natural drumheads with a product called "Fibersleather" which is on its 3rd version.

Drum Heads

Remo manufactures a wide variey of heads for many different applications:

  • Ambassador – Medium weight 10mil thick, single ply drumhead.
  • Diplomat - Thin 7.5 mil head. Most commonly used as tom resonant heads.
  • Controlled Sound – 10 mil head with an extra 5 mil centre dot to add durability and focus. Often used as a snare batter head.
  • Emperor – Two free-floating 7 mil plies provide the most open multi-ply head sound.
  • Pinstripe – Two 7 mil plies with a quick decay provide a ‘fat’ low pitch, short sustain sound.
  • Powerstroke 3 – Ambassador weight, with a thin underlay at the edge of the head to dampen overtones, making these popular bass drum heads.
  • Powerstroke 4 – Two-ply version of the Powerstroke 3. Darkest sound of any Weatherking head.
  • Powersonic – (Bass drum sizes only) Two 7 mil plies with internal dampening rings to enhance low-end frequencies. Snap-on ESDS system increases muffling.
  • Emperor X – (Snare sizes only) Two 10 mil free-floating plies with a 5 mil reverse dot make these very durable, thus popular snare batter heads for rock drummers.
  • Powerstroke X – (Snare sizes only) Single 14 mil ply with 2 mil inlay ring, and optional reverse dot.
  • DW Special Heads: Clear ambassador weight drum heads with coated white strips designed specifically for Drum Workshop and Pacific Drums and Percussion.

Remo has factories in the USA and in Taiwan, where the "UT" versions are made.

Remo's chief competition is Evans drumheads and Aquarian accessories. Another major producer is "Attack" from Taiwan.

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