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This article is a list of fictional characters from the anime and manga series The Prince of Tennis created by Takeshi Konomi.

Seishun Academy

Seishun Academy, or "Seigaku" for short, is a Japanese middle school famous for its talented tennis club, thus the series' leading protagonist, Ryoma Echizen, is enrolled into the school by his father, Nanjiro Echizen, a former professional tennis player and also a former student of Seigaku.

  • ;Seigaku tennis team members

;Other members
Masaya Ikeda
Daisuke Hayashi

  • ;Other students

Rival schools

Tokyo area schools

is the only public school that appear in the series; all the others being private. Dark rumors surround the tennis team since a year before the current timeline of the series, the team was forced to withdraw over an "incident involving violence" and before that, the team was deemed relatively unremarkable.

  • ;Fudomine tennis team members


  • ;Other students

A team that loses to Seigaku five games to zero during the District Preliminaries in Tokyo.

  • ;Gyokurin tennis team members

Tomoya Izumi
Kimiyoshi Fukawa's doubles partner. The two of them often play at a street tennis court, where they first meet Ryoma Echizen and Takeshi Momoshiro before playing them in the District Preliminaries.
Kimiyoshi Fukawa
Izumi's doubles partner.
A team that is the number two seed during the District Preliminaries due to their performance the previous year, but loses to Fudomine in the semi-finals. The only player to be slightly rememberable of this team is the captain, Kiichi Kuki, appearing in episode 13 of the series and manga chapter 25, being a bitter old friend of Tezuka and Fuji. In Japan he realeased a single for the anime titled "Kiichi no Hayakuchi Kotoba" which was a collection of tounge twisters. His seiyuu is Takemoto Eiji, who also played Yanagi Renji from Rikkaidai in the series and has also released singles for Yanagi, so it might be diffucult to tell the difference between the two when listening to either tracks of his.

  • ;Kakinoki tennis team members

Kiichi Kuki (Captain)
St. Rudolph
is introduced during the Tokyo Prefectural Tournament, where they face Seigaku in the quarter-finals. The school itself only recruits students who are gifted at tennis and they only practice together once a week.

  • ;St. Rudolph tennis team members

is a national caliber tennis team introduced during the semi-finals of the Tokyo Prefectural Tournament, where they easily beat Fudomine due to the fact the members of the Fudomine team were in a car wreck before the match. Despite losing to Seigaku in the T.P. tournament and then losing to Fudomine in the Kantō Tournament's quarter-finals, they still finish in fifth place, gaining a birth to the Nationals. Although they defeat St. Icarus in the first round, they lose to Nagoya Seitoku in the second round, ending their Nationals run.

  • ;Yamabuki tennis team members

Mikiya "Banjii" Banda
(Former vice-captain)
;Other members
(Former regular)
is considered to be a rival school of Seigaku. The two teams compete against each other in the first match of the Kantō region Tournament and in the second match of the National Tournament. With Keigo Atobe as their leader, Hyotei's tennis club is over 200 members strong. Their coach chooses the best players of the tennis club as the regulars and the others as assistant regulars.

  • ;Hyotei tennis team members

(Assistant treasurer)
Despite their tournament record, Ginka Middle School is a weak school; Ryoma Echizen inadvertently defeats their entire team during their practice match. When it came time to play against Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku during the Kantō Tournament, they stole Sadaharu Inui's special juice, as they thought it was what made Seigaku strong. As a result, they ended up having to forfeit the match due to food poisoning.

  • ;Ginka tennis team members

Michiru Fukushi (Captain)
Gouki Doumoto (Vice-captain)
Yasuharu Suzuki (Treasurer)
Ayumu Itou (Chief)
Masashi Yamanouchi (Advisor)

Schools from other parts of the Kantō region

In the manga, tennis team defeats Josei Shonan in the first round of the Kantō Tournament, and plays against Seigaku in the second round. However, in the anime, it is the other way around; Josei Shonan beats Midoriyama and moves on to play against Seigaku. As such, Midoriyama is never shown in the anime, and is only given an offhand mention.

The tennis team has three specialist coaches, including a former tennis professional, and all its regulars consist of second year students. Because of the players' overconfidence, Seigaku defeated them in straight sets. Though they still made it to the Nationals, they did not make it to the quarter-finals.

  • ;Midoriyama tennis team members

Taizō Kiraku (Head coach)
An old friend of Nanjiro Echizen, and a tennis professional who has won four consecutive championships in Japan. He forced his son, Yasuyuki, into playing tennis at a young age.
Kushida (Assistant coach)
Yasuyuki Kiraku (Captain)
The son of coach Taizō Kiraku, Yasuyuki is defeated by Ryoma when Seigaku and Midoriyama meet. He later helps Ryoma regain his memories by having a practice match with him during the Nationals.
Masato Takase
Wataru Kitamura
Takuma Minamoto (Vice-Captain)
Itto Habu
Junpei Konkawa
Akane Tsuta
Masaki Morinomiya (Physical conditioning manager)
Josei Shonan
resides in the Kanagawa Prefecture of the Tokyo region. Though they are mentioned in the manga, they only appear in the anime, where they replace Midoriyama as Seigaku's opponents in the second round of the Kantō Tournament.

  • ;Coach

;Aoi Hanamura
A beautiful young woman who refers to her students as masterpieces and constantly tries to recruit new students, especially Ryoma. She is often proud of her own prowess and of her pupils', but she is otherwise very calm and professional.

  • ;Regulars

; (Captain)
The serious and soft-spoken captain. His flexibility is used in his serve, the L-drive Serve, where he bends his entire body back and releases it like a catapult. This serve has been seen in the anime to go 197 kilometers per hour.
;Hiroshi Wakato (Vice-captain)
He can copy any famous professional tennis player's playing style using his Change Over technique, even copying their smallest habits. With this move, he can change his play style easily and when his opponent finally gets used to his style, he changes over again. He is defeated by Kaido during the Kantō Tournament. He is very popular, even having his own fanclub.
;Reiji Shinjou
He is known as Hanamura's greatest "masterpiece", with his techniques involving very powerful shots known as Mirage. However, the powerful shots are indistinguishable from a regular return or serve, so even a person who has an affirnity in motion vision, such as Ryoma and (maybe) Kikumaru cannot distinguish it from a heavy shot or a soft shot, confusing the opponent easily. Another technique he has is the Deep Impulse, which is a powerful shot that also can be used as a serve that will injure the opponent, and consecutive attempts to return the Deep Impulse may injure the player to the point of unable to play tennis anymore.
;Daichi Kiriyama (Body management) (manga only)
;Youhei Tanaka (anime only)
Plays doubles with his younger, twin brother, Kouhei Tanaka. He is often mistaken for a girl due to his short, dark pink hair. He has very good hearing, which, together with his brother's good eyesight, allows them to predict their opponents, moves.
;Kouhei Tanaka (anime only)
Plays doubles with Youhei Tanaka, his older, twin brother. Like Youhei, he is often mistaken for a girl due to his long black-blue hair. He possesses very good eyesight.
;Shou Ota (anime only)
Plays in doubles 1 with Daichi Kiriyama. His small body combined with his partner's large body forms the Thunderbolt, where Shou jumps off Daichi's shoulders and returns high shots.
;Daichi Kiriyama (anime only)
Plays in doubles 1 with Shou Oota. His serve-and volley play is excellent due to his large body, which allows him to get any ball that comes near him with only 2 or 3 steps. His special shot is the Cannon Volley, which is a very powerful volley shot. If the Cannon Volley is returned, Shou Ota usually finishes it with the Thunderbolt.

Naoto Toda (Treasurer)
Hiraou (manga only)
Nakada (manga only)
Sakaono (manga only)
Oshiayu (manga only)
Kongouji (manga only)
Mikami (manga only)
is known as the school with a freshman captain. Their manager, an old man of few words, is a racquet manufacturer who creates special wooden racquets for his players, taking into consideration their skills and personality.

  • ;Rokkaku tennis team members

Kentarou Aoi (Captain)
Ryou Kisarazu (Analysis)
Hikaru "David" Amane (Team counselor)
Harukaze Kurobane
Marehiko Itsuki
Satoshi Shudou (Poison tasting)
Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku
is considered to be the best middle school team in Japan, having won the Japanese National Tournament for the last two years.

  • ;Rikkai tennis team members


Kansai region schools

is one of the strongest teams in the Kansai region. Though they lost to Rikkai in last year's semi-finals, they put up the strongest fight against Rikkai than any other team last year. The addition of formers Shishigaku start Senri Chitose and star freshman Kintarō Tooyama propel them to winning the Kansai tournament and making it back to the semi-finals at the Nationals.

  • ;Coach

Osamu Watanabe
A 27 year old Coach (Tennis Club Advisor)

  • ;Regulars

Kenjiro Koshikawa (Vice-captain)
;Kenya Oshitari
Known as Naniwa's Speed Star, Oshitari is considered to be faster than Akira Kamio of Fudomine. He is also the cousin of Yuushi Oshitari of Hyotei.
;Hikaru Zaizen
Zaizen is considered to be a genius, and is quite arrogant.
;Gin Ishida
A very serious, honorable, and stern young man who is the older brother of Fudomine's Tetsu Ishida. Gin is the inventor of the powerful shot, Hadokyu, which is composed of 108 different techniques; only 23 were shown in the series. He can also nullify other's use of Hadokyu.
Gin is thought to be the strongest power player in Japan, until he breaks his wrist in his match against Takashi Kawamura in the Nationals.
;Koharu Konjiki (Treasurer)
Yuuji Hitōji's doubles partner. The two of them are known for their 'comedy tennis'. He uses data tennis, determining how to counter shots thanks to the enormous data stored in his head and his IQ of 200. Koharu and Yuuji are implyed to both be gay.
;Yuuji Hitōji (Assistant treasurer)
Koharu's doubles partner, who combines with him to form the 'comedy tennis' duo. He is able to impersonate the character (such as voice, ect.) and tennis style of anybody who he has the time to study enough. Both Yuuji and Koharu and implyed to gay.
Though they were the runner-up at last year's Nationals, they lost in the second round of the Nationals this year to Fudomine.

  • ;Makinofuji tennis team members

Satoru Kadowaki (Captain)
Kaito Hanabata (Vice-captain)
Einoshin Hagi
Minoru Kondou (Treasurer)
Hayato Ikeuchi (Advisor)
Tsuyoshi Ookuma (Chief)

Kyūshū region schools

is the first team from the Okinawa Prefecture to make it past the Kyūshū tournament in twenty-six years. All its players are Okinawan martial artists, and they can incorporate their experience in their tennis style. They have a rather bad attitude, and are not afraid to use nasty methods in order to win.

  • ;Higa tennis team members

Eishirou Kite (Captain)
Yuujirou Kai (Vice-captain)
Hiroshi Chinen (Treasurer)
Kei Tanishi
Rin Hirakoba
Tomoya Shiranui
Kouichi Aragaki
Shishigaku Middle School is Kippei Tachibana's and Senri Chitose's former school. During their time there, they led the team to the National's semi-finals. However, without their two star players, Shishigaku lost in their first match of the tournament.

Takeshi Konomi originally intended to have Shishigaku play Seigaku in the quarterfinals, but due to Hyotei's popularity, he decided to have them defeat Shishigaku and play Seigaku. Due to this, he moved Senri Chitose to Shitenhōji.

  • ;Shishigaku tennis team members

Daikichi Daimaru (Captain)
Junitsu Unoki (Vice-captain)
Tsubasa Nakamura (Treasurer)
Tooru Kushiyama (Secretary)
Moritaka Goumoto (Advisor)

Schools from other parts of Japan

Nagoya Seitoku

Nagoya Seitoku is a middle school located in the Aichi Prefecture of the Tōkai region. When the team made it to the Nationals, their entire lineup is replaced with foreign exchange students right before the semi-finals, where they were defeated by Rikkai Dai.

Takeshi Konomi had considered having them defeat Rikkai Dai and advance to the finals, but he decided against it because he felt fans would rather see the familiar Rikkai Dai again.

  • ;Nagoya tennis team members

Shinya Hayashi (Captain)
Nanahara Shou (Vice-captain)
Liliadent Krauser
David Rivera
Lucas Siebold
Sergei Mihajlovic Mikhailov
Michael Carothers
Kanako Miyasato (Advisor)
Naoki Shionoya (Treasurer)


Murigaoka is a school famous for its data collection; they visit opposing schools to videotape their practice, which they would later analyze in order to determine their weaknesses. Their captain and vice-captain tried to gather information on Seigaku's Kaoru Kaido and Rikkai's Hiroshi Yagyuu in an unofficial match, but the plan backfires since the latter two tricks them by secretly switching identities. Their team is later easily defeated by Rikkai in the Nationals.

  • ;Murigaoka tennis team members

Tetsuo Ushida (Captain)
Tomonori Miyase (Vice-captain)
Ryō Īda (Data collector)
Hideki Satō (Advisor)


Saint Icarus

  • Richard Sakata (Captain)
  • Keisuke Munekata (Vice-captain)
  • Katsuhiko Isumi (Treasurer)
  • Tiepolo Marco (Advisor)
  • Satoshi Tanabe (General affairs)Tsubakigawa
  • Takafumi Samukawa (Captain)
  • Kīchi Noto (Vice-captain)
  • Setsuna Yukihara (Treasurer)
  • Kei Yajiruma (Tactician)
  • Niita
  • Maki
  • Itō
  • Miura
  • Ebiko
  • Kotoha Kitazono (Manager and spokesperson)

American team (anime only)

Richard Baker
Richard Baker is the American team's extremely strict coach who view tennis as a great show, and his pupils as the actors and pawns for success. He scouted several talented youngsters, sometimes getting them out of abusive environments, and trained them for his tennis talent "show".Kevin Smith
Kevin is the captain of the American team participating in the US/Japan Goodwill Games in the anime. He appears in Japan weeks before the tournament to settle a rival feud that began with his father, George Smith, and Ryoma's father, Nanjiro Echizen. Fifteen years ago, Nanjiro greatly humiliated George as a punishment for mistreating his pupils, one of them being Ryoma's mother, Rinko. The humiliation damaged George's ego and career, and he retaliated by training Kevin very strictly, as well as becoming an alcoholic. Kevin sees his father as worthless because of this, and decides to defeat Ryoma to prove himself to the world.

Kevin took up tennis after he saw Ryoma win the American Junior Tennis Tournament. Believing that he is different from his fallen father, he focused solely on defeating Ryoma, and watched tapes of Ryoma's matches, except for the one against Genichirou Sanada. So as soon as he arrives in Japan, he challenges members of tennis teams in the Tokyo area, searching for Ryoma. He plays a highly destructive form of tennis and injures other players, most notably Jin Akutsu of Yamabuki.

During the Goodwill Games, he reveals his Illusion technique, which made the opponent see multiple balls headed towards them. Also, when he becomes desperate to win against Ryoma, he was able to execute techniques that he had seen other players perform. Despite losing to Ryoma, Kevin realizes his faults and starts to gradually let go of his past. When he and Ryoma meet up in the United States he shows a more cheerful and gentler side, without losing his competitiveness.
After immigrating to the United States from East Germany as a small child, Arnold became disillusioned and turned to life as a street punk. After he was beaten up, he discovered a magazine with an article about Baker training athletes and becomes involved with his program with the help of his friend, Aaron Harrison. According to Baker, Arnold has never lost in an official match; part of this is due to his determination to not want to return to his former 'hellish' life. However, he loses to Shusuke Fuji of Seigaku, who has also never before lost in an official singles match at that point. Arnold is called a tennis machine because of his accuracy and the ability to figure out his opponent's shots, and then countering them.
Nicknamed the 'Beast Bulldozer', Bobby is the tallest and most muscularly developed of his fellow teammates. A former skilled baseball, basketball, and American football player, Bobby often struggles to control his temper and poor sportsmanship, which have gotten him banned from most sports in his school. Baker convinces Bobby to try tennis after he causes his school's football team to be suspended.

In the Junior Invitational match against Yamabuki's junior Kiyosumi "Lucky" Sengoku, Bobby employs a combination of skills from his prior sports experiences, as well as his build and athleticism to perform his primary techniques.

Bobby continues to struggle within the game with his poor sportsmanship. He argues with the referee over every point Sengoku scores, and nearly destroys his racquet after a call. Baker spends most of the match trying to calm Bobby's temper. However, his efforts are in vain after neither player can continue the match, and the game is declared a "No Game".
Tom is the older brother, as well as the doubles partner of Terry Griffy. As a child, Tom and his brother were forced to live in their cruel aunt's farmhouse following the death of their parents. They supported themselves and their aunt by collecting items from the garbage that could be salvaged and resold; Baker discovered Tom and Terry being exploited by his aunt to perform trick tennis shots and stunts for her own profit, reaching an agreement with the woman and "rescuing" the brothers from her abuse.
Terry is the younger brother, as well as the doubles partner of Tom Griffy. While living with his brother under the strict and often cruel hand of their Aunt, Terry finds a pair of tennis racquets that fuel their shared interest in tennis. Terry favors an acrobatic style of play, similar to Eiji Kikumaru of Seigaku.

Since Baker rescued them from their aunt, both he and Tom are very loyal to him and would do anything he says without any hesitation. However, during the doubles match when they were told to lose, they defy his orders and proceeds to win the match, though they receive Baker's approval after listening to the fans' response. His looks are very feminine, thus he is idolized by many girls.
Billy grew up on a ranch in an unknown city in the American West. His family moved to Los Angeles when he was twelve, and he was never able to adapt well to "city life." He began to play tennis to become a person worthy of attention to the cute and sweet girl he fell in love with at first sight, Stephanie, the daughter of one of Baker's sponsors. His skills include the Bull Rope serve.
Michael is the only son of a successful Chinese businessman, and is a United States immigrant. His father's personal philosophies of hard work and success shaped Michael's personality and tennis play. He plays doubles with his partner Billy Cassidy and they play against Keigo Atobe and Genichirou Sanada.Goodwill Games results

  • Doubles 2 - Michael Lee/Billy Cassidy versus Genichirou Sanada/Keigo Atobe - Japan wins seven games to five.
  • Doubles 1 - Tom Griffy/Terry Griffy versus Yuushi Oshitari/Eiji Kikumaru - USA wins seven games to six.
  • Singles 3 - Bobby Max versus Kiyosumi Sengoku - Draw with six games to six. It was declared a "No Game" because both players ran out of energy.
  • Singles 2 - Arnold Ignashov versus Shusuke Fuji - Japan wins six games to four.
  • Singles 1 (a) - Kevin Smith versus Akaya Kirihara - Three games to two before Kirihara's shoulder injury causes his forfeit. The "special rule" was invoked to allow the substitute player, Ryoma Echizen, to take over.
  • Singles 1 (b) - Kevin Smith versus Ryoma Echizen - Japan wins seven games to six.

Minor recurring characters

A journalist for the Monthly Tennis magazine, Inoue follows and reports on the Seigaku team's progress. He is also an amateur tennis player, as well as being a big fan of Nanjiro Echizen.
A photographer for the Monthly Tennis magazine who follows the Seigaku team with Inoue. She's attractive, outspoken and somewhat child-like; since she's still new to tennis, Inoue frequently has to explain the rules to her.
Nanako is a student at a local Tokyo college, and currently lives with her relatives, the Echizen family. She plays the role of an elder sibling figure to Ryoma, who is an only child, and she helps him and the other Echizens with their daily lives.

Nanako is sweet-tempered, very polite, loyal, and devoted, but she is not completely devoid of a stronger side. She is known to be rather assertive and sarcastic as well as not afraid to lash out when she has to, the main victim being her uncle, Nanjiro Echizen.

Nanako is a lead character in an earlier version of the manga, where she is not related to the Echizen family. She is instead a college student named Nanako Ryuzaki who recently joined the Seishun University Tennis School. She was timid, shy, and an easy target for bullies, much like Sakuno Ryuzaki. Nanako was constantly being harassed by her tennis coach, Sasabe (whose character design is different from the Sasabe in the current series, but is similar in personality), until Ryoma defeated him in a match as a punishment for harassing Nanako.
Rinko Echizen
Ryoma's mother and Nanjiro's wife. Her maiden name is Rinko Takeuchi. She is sweet and compliant but quite strong-willed as well, always calm in any situation. She works as an attorney, which has been her long-time dream. Though she is shown in flashbacks, her face is never shown during the current timeline.

She met Nanjiro in America, where she was studying to become a lawyer while playing tennis on the side. However, after Rinko gets hurt from saving a boy from an abusive tennis coach, Nanjiro avenges her by completely humiliating the coach in a match.Sasabe
A local bully, who occasionally encounters Ryoma and his friends. He is first introduced when he boasts about his knowledge of the different types of tennis grip, which is when Ryoma corrects his knowledge. He is also the first person in the series to play a match against Ryoma, whom he loses to. His father (voiced by Tetsuo Komura (Japanese) and Jack Lingo (English)), who has an attitude similar to his son, also encounters Ryoma and his friends on a few occasions.


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