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Remedy may refer to:



  • Home remedy, a practical cure or treatment for a medical condition that one does at home
  • Homeopathic remedy, treatment for a medical condition of the sick, that employs weak diluted agents known to produce the symptoms of the disease in those who are healthy
  • Environmental remediation, remedying/remediating an environment, usually in reference to a habitat, as a means of improving health of resident organisms.


  • Judicial remedy, an action taken by a court of law to enforce a right, impose a penalty, or make some other court order in order to resolve a dispute
  • Remedy Corporation, a company that produces the Action Request System software toolset. Now the Service Management Business Unit of BMC Software
  • Remedy Entertainment, a Finnish software company that produces the Max Payne series of video games
  • Remedy UK, a pressure (lobby) group representing junior doctors in the UK
  • Dog Remedy , a company that offers behavior modification training and supplies for dogs

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