The Pony Remark

"The Pony Remark" is the seventh episode of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld. The episode was the second episode for the show's second season. It aired on January 30, 1991.


Jerry makes an tactless remark ("I hate anyone who ever had a pony when they were growing up!") at an aunt's dinner, which subsequently may have led to her death. Much to the disgust of Elaine, he has difficulty deciding whether to go to her funeral, or to a championship softball game. Jerry ends up going to the funeral and the game is rained out.

Meanwhile, Kramer and Jerry bet over whether or not Kramer will rebuild his apartment so that it has multiple flat wooden levels instead of needing furniture. Kramer changes his mind and decides not to build levels, arguing that since he didn't attempt it, the bet was invalid.


  • This episode marks the first appearance of Uncle Leo and the first mention of Jerry's cousin Jeffrey.
  • Barney Martin replaced Phil Bruns as Morty Seinfeld in this episode.
  • This episode is also notable in that George has no storyline throughout, and does not even make an appearance until a late scene.
  • This episode received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series.

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