International Rejectionism

International Rejectionism is a political theory centred around the belief that the only way for the world to function successfully is for the current order to be "rejected" and overthrown in an international revolution. This theory is not solely espoused by one particular part of the political spectrum although it is most commonly spoke of by the far left and far right. The theory was originally put forward by the Berlin-born philosopher, Ezakiah Valentine, most famous for his 1936 work, 'The Limitations of Progress', which featured the phrase -

"One day everything will crash and everything will burn. Right now all that is burning is the belief that change can occur. We need to put out that fire and start a much bigger one."

This has almost become a mantra for followers of International Rejectionism.

The theory, due to its anti-technology ideals, bears similarities to Neo-luddism as well as the writings of Theodore Kaczynski.

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