reiter dis eases

Core Healing

Core Healing, from a psychological perspective, means to cure dis-eases, meaning not being at ease. People become unhappy with themselves in these ways: when they are not able to alter self defeating behavior; when they often feel frustrated, sad, anxious, lonely, routinely seething with anger, rejected, and, out of control; when they feel unworthy and fear damnation; when illness attacks more often than not; and, when relationships disintegrate. Negative thoughts and beliefs are the culprits that create such problems in these five aspects of one's life: behaviorally; emotionally; spiritually; physically; and, socially. When these types of dis-eases are cured, there is optimal opportunity for healthy cellular regeneration. Such work must be done in the domain of the subconscious mind, which is the individual's computer center. Hypnoanalysis combined with hypnotherapy, as practiced by mental health professionals, are therapeutic approaches of choice for those available for positive outcome.


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