Sharlene Flores

Sharlene Flores, born in Trinidad and Tobago, is a singer of parang music.

Flores de San Jose originates in St. Joseph. Sharlene Flores, the lead singer, has a style and sound of her own, and this coupled with the special musical abilities of Wayne Flores, makes the cutting edge sound of the band. The name Flores has been linked with parang and St. Joseph for decades and the tradition is carried on through the group. They have made several recordings and it also important to note they were the first to ever produced a CD album of Parang and Latin music in the history of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and in the caribbean. They are also solely responsible for modernizing Parang music, thus influenzing the youths to get heavily involved into the art form. Sharlene Flores is also responsible for bringing changes to the traditional spanish outfits, worn by both males and females, as she upted out for more trendy styles. Sharlene Flores became the first Parang singer to operned a catory in Parang music at the sunshine awards in New York, thus paving the road, for other paranderos.


  1. Abriendo Puertas mas alla
  2. Bendita tu eres
  3. Burbujas de amor
  4. Cantemos Pastores
  5. El angel gabriel
  6. Esta Noche es Nuestro
  7. Frio Frio
  8. La Capilla Esta
  9. La Terra De Tus Encatos
  10. La vida fuera
  11. Margarita christmas
  12. Milagro
  13. Miran Chicos
  14. Parang a la Trinidad
  15. Parang soca fun
  16. Parang with me
  17. Recuerdos
  18. Sereno, sereno
  19. Si yo pudiera
  20. Spanish confusion
  21. Tucusito
  22. Yo busco inspiracion
  23. Vamos, vamos, vamos

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