Regulator may refer to:

  • Regulator (automatic control), a device which has the function of maintaining a designated characteristic
  • Battery regulator, a device in a battery pack which bleeds off excess charge current to let all cells reach full charge without overcharging some cells
  • Diving regulator, which provides a scuba diver with breathing gas at ambient pressure from a diving cylinder
  • Gas pressure regulator, a device that is attached to propane, acetylene or butane cylinders to provide a workable low-pressure gas stream from which equipment can be safely operated
  • Voltage regulator, in electronics
  • The regulator of a number field in algebraic number theory (see Dirichlet's unit theorem); a quantity defined from the group of units. After taking logarithms, it has the interpretation of the volume of a fundamental domain in the lattice of units in 'logarithmic space'
  • The Regulator, the English name of the French Steampunk comic Le Régulateur as published in Heavy Metal
  • Regulator, in physics, a construction used in regularization techniques—see regularization (physics)
  • Regulator, in social science, an official responsible for control and supervision of an activity or area of public interest
  • Regulator, in a steam locomotive, the lever and associated valve which controls the passage of steam from the boiler to the cylinders
  • Regulator, a naval police officer in the United Kingdom, a member of the Royal Navy Regulating Branch
  • Regulator, a precision pendulum clock used as a standard for regulating other timepieces or for timing astronomical observations

Regulators may refer to:-

American History

  • Participants in the Regulator-Moderator Conflict in western South Carolina, 1761-1769, who were eventually opposed by the Moderators
  • Members of the Regulator movement, a small-scale rebellion in North Carolina during the 1760s
  • Members of Shays' Rebellion in 1786, also known as Shaysites
  • Bands of vigilantes calling themselves Regulators, who arose in Northern Illinois in the 1830s and 1840s, in response to the depredations of the Banditti of the Prairie
  • Participants in the Regulator-Moderator War in East Texas in 1839-1844
  • The Lincoln County Regulators, a posse formed during the Lincoln County War in the late 1870s; one of its members was Billy the Kid

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