Registry may refer to:

In animal breeding:

  • Breed registry, a record of the ancestry and ownership of purebred animals

In computing:

In gifts:

  • Bridal registry, a retailers' plan that allows engaged couples to manage the purchase of wedding gifts
  • Honeymoon registry, a service that assists engaged and married couples in financing their honeymoons

In government and law:

  • Civil registry, a government record of vital events (e.g. births, deaths, and marriages)
  • Land registry, an official record of land ownership
  • Registry of Motor Vehicles, or Department of Motor Vehicles, in the U.S., a government agency that administers the registration of automobiles
  • Sex offender registry, a system to allow government authorities to keep track of sex offenders
  • The Registry, a risk–management tool used by landlords to screen prospective renters
  • Registry fee is a postal fee paid to send registered mail.

In health and medicine:

  • Cancer registry, a systematic collection of data about cancer and tumor diseases
  • Nurse registry, a licensed staffing agency that provides hospitals and individuals with nursing personnel

In other uses:

  • Survivor registry, a website where people in an area affected by a terrorist attack can post a message saying they are okay

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