Reference Point

Reference Point

Reference Point is the first album by Acoustic Alchemy for jazz label GRP and their fourth album overall.

Containing some of the band's more popular tracks, such as the title track "Reference Point", "Same Road, Same Reason" and "Cuban Heels", the nine-track album is also the only album by the band to offer a cover track: "Take Five".

Track listing

# Title Writers Duration
1 "Reference Point" Webb/Carmichael/Parsons 4:30
2 "Missing Your Touch" Webb/Carmichael/Parsons 4:42
3 "Take Five" Desmond 4:38
4 "Same Road, Same Reason" Carmichael 4:53
5 "Make My Day" Carmichael 4:09
6 "Caravan of Dreams" Webb/James 2:57
7 "Homecoming" Webb/Carmichael/Parsons 5:31
8 "Cuban Heels" Carmichael 3:31
9 "Lullaby for the First Born" Carmichael/Webb 3:35

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